Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My First Spinner/Fidget Ring


It's been a torching kind of week around the studio as I've been working on a pair of commissioned earrings. Sometimes when I get to a point where I'm really happy with the progression of a design I need to take a step back and work on something else. Sounds a little backwards doesn't it?

Honestly when I'm really happy I feel the need to psyche myself up to take the next step when it involves the flame. Fire melts metal. I know this because that's how I make all those balled headpins.

This weekend as I psyched myself up I made several rings, a couple twisted copper rings and my first spinner ring. I have a chart around here somewhere that gives lengths and ratios and all that really necessary stuff for getting the proper fit but I didn't pull that out, noooo I had to wing it! Which really isn't as bad as it sounds, I have a pretty good memory I just didn't remember the difference in length between the wide band and the spinner band so the first band was too small and the second tried to scare me by sliding off as I checked the flare haha! Bad spinner!

Even though I managed to split the seam a little, just as I was finishing up flaring the band, I am really happy with the results. Alex has claimed this one for his own, I wore it for awhile and it really is pretty comfy to wear and since I do fidget with my rings it was right up my alley.

What about those earrings you ask? Well, my fear of melting something is actually well founded. I got the first earring put together and started soldering the second. I got too aggressive with the flame and poof she melted. So now instead of having a pair of gorgeous earrings, I have a very cool pendant. I'll start pair number two here in just a few. Plan B involves no flames, I think I'll work on those first and then maybe I'll come back to Plan A. After all, a full set would be really pretty!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August = Peridot

Rough start to the month, my in-laws seem to be imploding, 'nuff said.

AUGUST! The month of my birth! Peridot and Gladiolas.  As you can see though, Peridot was not always THE stone to wear......

Wear a sardonyx or for thee,
No conjugal felicity;
The August-born without this stone,
`Tis said, must live unloved and lone.

For most of the 15th through 20 centuries the stones for the month of August were as follows: Sardonyx, Carnelian, Moonstone and Topaz  ......hmmm I like Moonstone! As long as we're on the subject, I like Topaz too!.......
Then in 1912 all save the Sardonyx were dropped and Peridot was added.
Finally in 2013 Peridot became the sole stone for the month of August.

I like Peridot, I do, I'm just saying maybe we could give Moonstone another chance GRINS

collection of Peridot Green gifts
August Gifts in Peridot Green

I have in my shop TWO items in peridot, and many more green in color.

Copper & Peridot Gothic Pendant w/Beaded Chain
Copper & Peridot Gothic Pendant w/Beaded chain

smokey quartz and peridot gemstone earrings in 14/20 gf
Smokey Quartz and Peridot Earrings in 14/20 GF
pssst I have Moonstone too! and Topaz!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

An Homage to Best Friends

I've finally finished up my hopping for Bead Soup!! But, if you're still hopping - click HERE.

When I was growing up I rode and showed Western Pleasure and Trail (trail is an obstacle course for horse and rider) my best friend Cindy was a barrel racer and a pretty darn good one. Many of our afternoons were spent either riding trails through the orchards and countryside or training poles and barrels at her house, after homework of course......  maybe not always after..... ok ok maybe mostly before.

We did almost everything together. When I found myself grounded during song leader tryouts, I gave her my routine and cheered when she made the team. She became Rodeo Queen and I  1st runner up Miss Antioch. Her show schedule was busier than mine and I went with her to quite a few of hers. I cheered her on when she raced at Nationals in San Francisco at the Cow Palace. Together we admired the "assets" of bull riders and ropers while waiting for her events to begin. We wore moccasins, we wore boots, and finally we wore high heels. Even as we grew and found ourselves busy with life we still managed to do things in tandem and our daughters were born just weeks apart, even giving them similar names.

We managed to keep in touch for many years. When my husband and I moved to Arkansas we knew we'd still find time together as the rodeo circuit came our way and she and her husband could stay with us. When the girls started school, the decision was made to cut the circuit out here and though we didn't get to see each other we traded school photos and Christmas cards. When she moved I figured I'd get the new address with the Christmas card, when the card didn't come I decided I could call her Mom and get it, but kids and PTA, volunteer work and housework and a new construction business took up a significant amount of time and I could always make the call tomorrow.

Tomorrow in fact, turned into several years. But, she was still a large part of my life as most of the stories I told my children about growing up involved Cindy and her family. Then last week I ran across her brother on Facebook and was devastated to learn she had passed. It was if I suddenly had a hole in my life, I cried and mourned my loss, and then a realization hit me. She had been with me in my heart and memories even though she was no longer of this earth for the past several years, the only difference was I was now aware. I took solace in that, knowing how alive she felt in my heart.

This morning Amy of Modern Outlaw on Etsy contacted me. The idea she had was to cross promote each other and I thought that was a great idea. As I poked through her shop I thought a Polyvore type  collection could be fun and pulled together some of her vintage finds with my jewelry and then started filling in the outfit from a few other shops creating a treasury that breaks all sorts of Etsy rules! As I finished pulling it together I realized I had actually pulled together an Homage to Cindy and our friendship with an outfit for each of us fitting of our personalities.

It offers a small glimpse into our friendship and I hope I have managed in some small way to honor her memory. If you see anything that strikes your fancy please visit the shop, I know they will be absolutely pleased to have you shop with them.

Since the original idea started out as a sort of self promotion/cross promotion collection of our two shops I opted not to make it public on Etsy but to take screen shots to share on here and on Facebook. It does no good as a promotional tool if not clickable so I'll include the shop names in a list and make those clickable.

Best Friends = A Modern Vintage CowGirl

Horseshoe Hearts = Rustic Designs by Riley
Long Sleeve Shirt = Fae Aura Design
My Jewelry = Wind Dancer Studios
Vintage Clothing = Modern Outlaw
Blinged Out Cowboy Hats = Time Two Change
Moccasin Boots (Love these!!) = Bastets Closet
Tooled Leather Accessories = Delos Leather
Horse Photography = Wild Hoofbeats
Leather & Crochet Bag = V and H
Vintage Wranglers = Beta Apparel
Barn Photography = Feng Shui Photography

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

25 Sketches = Number 6

I know we're going a little backwards here but number seven beads were whispering such sweet nothings that I had to play with them first ...grin

Number Six of 25

the Backside & Clasp
I won the focal beads on the jewelry forum. My friend Anne was the host and she was sweet enough to call several of us winners!  As you can see I refined the sketch even more and cleaned up the lines. I actually have one more sketch where I worked out these lines, I'm a little more cautious with gold than I am with copper because when you're working with gold you ( read I ) don't want mistakes. Granted this is gold filled but it was over $100 an ounce there for awhile and I just assume not waste any.

gemstone, gold, and crystal necklace
25 Sketches #6

The earrings from Sketch number 7 have found their way into my Etsy store, I still have to wrangle the numbers for this one before it can go. And maybe a couple more photos. I think I may have finally got all the sugar taken care of on the camera so better photos are back! ::::knock on wood:::::

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A WISH for you! A WISH for me!

Wind Swept Fairy w/Dandelion
Found on Pinterest

I was surfing around on Facebook the other day and found this absolutely gorgeous "wind dancer" She spins in the wind, just an awesome find and I was immediately enamored. I love everything about her (except her toes, they're too long but that's just my sense of aesthetics) anyway toes aside she's perfect. So I poke around the page and marvel at all the sculpture, it makes me want to touch. To stand and stare and caress the lines. Yes folks, in my little art world that is LOVE. The need to touch and feel, to see and smell. To bask in it's glory.

Fantasy Wire on FB
A single Dandelion Seed
Then I come across these. Oh my........ I can afford this. I want this. I need this. It's a what? A wish?

This is a WISH
Found here: Bits and Pieces

No no no. THIS IS A WISH! I have absolutely no idea what plant it comes from. But all my life I've known THIS to be a wish. It's about an inch to an inch and a half in diameter and no stem.  Just a little smaller than the photo suggests, but not much. You catch it blowing about on the breeze. Hold it very gently in your hands, so as not to crush it. Make your wish, and release it back onto the breeze. It's very magical when you're a child and I haven't seen one in years, not since my own children were small when I showed them how to catch one and release it.

Oh, You *can* make a wish on a Dandelion, my kids did it quite often! So did I. How many breaths it takes to blow the seeds away is how long it takes for it to come true, sort of like birthday candles. But in my world, it isn't a wish any more than a star is, it's what you make a wish on.

Nevertheless, I do love this dandelion seed. I may just have to buy one. Or at the very least make one for my desk. I have a small fairy sculpture in my garden and my daughter has an abstract sculpture started that she wants to place in my garden. I think a fairy shoe and another fairy or two are definitely in order, maybe even a dandelion seed. Then I can wish that someday I might own a sweet little "wind dancer" of my own.

Friday, July 18, 2014

25 Sketches #7

Skipping a sketch - not really it's still in progress on my desk but these gold and pink beads were calling. I've actually had this color combo on my radar for months and when I finally had them on my desk they demanded I play NOW!

I gave a preview of the beads on Facebook last week but it's been a busy time around here with lots of really good things happening and I kind of slacked on my Facebook postings. Here too obviously as it's Friday as I write this...ooops!

25 sketches #7
Sketch number 7 & Beads
and the finished earrings!

Sketch number 7 Earrings

I rather like these and am really glad I decided to listen to those little beads. I'm also really enjoying working with my sketches again and am really happy to see them coming to fruition and am looking forward to sharing number 6 with you next week.

My advanced copy of Tammy Powley's book arrived and I have two pieces of jewelry on page 275! woohooo me! I bounced off the walls pretty good for a couple days off that one :) 

and...... today is my middle child's 21st birthday! We live in a dry county (No Alcohol - yes those places still exist) so we made a Rum run to the next county over and will be making Strawberry Daiquiris tonight. Normally birthday dinners are decided by the person whose birthday it is, but she doesn't seem to be able to decide what she wants...... so who knows what we'll be having. We may eat while she drinks lol 

All in all a good week! Here's hoping yours is/has been as well!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July's Birthstone = Ruby

Here's hoping those of you in the US enjoyed your long weekend this past week! This month's birthstone is RUBY! My middle child's birthstone, I love red it's an exciting color, her not so much lol Then again Peridot is mine and I rather like Ruby - grass is always greener isn't it? or redder as the case may be.

The glowing Ruby shall adorn,
Those who in July are born;
Then they'll be exempt and free
From love's doubts and anxiety.

Turquoise and Onyx were the recognized birthstones up until 1912 when it became the Ruby.

I did not know that! I just assumed it had always been Ruby. The kiddo might  be on to something there.

I have a Ruby in Zoisite artisan cut cab, but we're waiting for my Muse to whisper it's inspiration to me for its design. Pretty little stone with it's greens and reds.

In the meantime a Ruby Red treasury for you to enjoy.

Ruby Reds on Etsy

Brass FIligree Ring w/ Ruby Red Heart
Brass Filigree Ring w/ Ruby Red Heart
Drops of Red Vintage Button Ring
Drops of Red

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