Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dragon's Eye the pendant has been finished...

and I thought I had the hoop earrings finished too. But they had a small latching problem - one would randomly come open and not relatch. No rhyme or reason just pop I'm open. So back to the desk for them. Too bad too, they were really looking cute.

I was looking at the list thinking it looked longer than what was actually on the desk and realized, I finished that ring awhile back and never mentioned it! It's finished! I made two small stackable bands and paired them with another woven ring I had made and they just look really cute together and are a really comfy set.

Eye one of Alex's Dragon Eye set is done. I'm really happy with the way it came out if I do say so myself :D


I won a pair of lamp worked beads from Bastille Bleu Lampwork and they just happen to be this weeks colors for the color combo challenge. Think I'll weave up some leaves to add to them and make earrings. If I hurry I might even make it in time for the challenge deadline!

Til next time!

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