Friday, June 22, 2012

Bead Soup Partners are being announced!

I was so excited for being paired with Jean Yates I immediately ran to Lori's blog Pretty Things so I could be sure I was following her blog and immediately grabbed the info for Jean Wells. Whom I am already following and think she makes some pretty cute things too her info to follow! So as soon as Jean contacted me I was super excited and it immediately dawned on me I had to edit my post PRONTO lol

Excitement - this is going to be a blast I can tell already!

Jeans' Etsy is here and we are definately going to have FUN!

If you have a moment drop by Jean Wells or visit her Etsy I'm sure she'd love to see you!

Now I need to drop a line and say Hi! myself :) Then I get to dig through my stash and/or create a little something for her :D hmmm ideas brewing here........


  1. Hi it's Jean Yates! haooy to have you as my partner! :)

  2. Happy is always a good thing! Even when it's spelled as haooy!

    Playing with ideas for your soup! My daughters have even gotten in on ingredient suggestions - some really good ideas too.