Tuesday, March 12, 2013

a touch of filigree...

My final focal piece is finished. Well, except for the finishing. The tool I've been waiting on seems to be meandering around the Ft Smith processing center. It's been there nearly a week now, or so the tracking says. sigh There's always plan B if need be.


While I've been waiting, and waiting.... I decided to work a little on some of those sketches. Actually cut apart a couple vintage pieces to harvest the beads and crystals and decided I need to reorganize my stash - didn't do it, just decided I needed to!

A little filigree, a little weaving. Sterling silver wire woven into a heart and topped with a touch of filigree. A nice little bit of Chalcedony in the center and an Aquamarine drop at the bottom. I couldn't decide if I wanted to oxidize it or not so I took a looksie around Etsy. hmmm it's about a 50/50 split, some do some don't. But I still couldn't decide so I posed the question in a forum, again 50/50. So we'll leave them as is and let the silver do it's own thing, and hopefully they sell before I HAVE to retake the pics to show the "new" color lol

A little weaving a little filigree

I should have these listed in my shop sometime this week.

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