Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's finally my turn!

I truly am blessed, my circle is a wonderful one. My family is loving and supportive, everything I could ask for, and so many of my friends are of the talented variety. Many of whom have been published in magazines and books and I just couldn't be prouder! A couple years ago I made the decision (actually resolved to - yup it was a resolution) to put myself out there as well, I started blogging, actually joined a blog hop and started sharing the jewelry I was making. When I was in my 20's this would have been a natural extension of who I am. But as I've gotten older I seem to have coccooned myself up here on my hill. It's safe, warm and comfy - it is my comfort zone and I like it here. I had almost forgotten how to put myself out there and it was scary but I finally did it.

While I had resolved to put myself out there it was my friend Jean Yates that got the ball rolling. I really didn't have a clue as to what to do, but she encouraged me and had me contact a few people. Resulting in some of the nicest rejection letters I could ever receive! Your work is beautiful, just not what we have in mind, please keep submitting we'd love to see more.

Finally I got the are you still interested e-mail and I definitely was! A Designer Challenge from Bead & Button. We were all given the same wonderful beads from A Grain of Sand ( I have actually been drooling over their website for some time now )and were asked to create something using the beads we were given. I LOVE this type of challenge and knew it was going to be so much fun! Psst! the issue is available on the newsstands now!

Once I received the beads, I got to work designing several pieces. I had came across the term parure and knew immediately that was what I wanted to create. A suite of pieces designed to be worn together or separately as the mood strikes.

I created a pair of earrings that matched the tassel on the main piece. A multi strand brass, crystal, and pearl necklace. A single strand of small pearls on brass. And of course the main piece with that gorgeous Mabe pearl and embellished RAW. The focal was my interpretation of an Art Deco piece I found while researching. I also made a multi strand bracelet featuring Vintaj filigree as the connectors/clasp. I love this set!

Close up of the connectors I made for the multi strand that was chosen for the magazine.

So there you have it! My first!! published piece. It's been several months since I was first contacted and I have to say I am still just as thrilled as I was the day I got the e-mail. I think I may have to keep putting myself out there, I had forgotten how fun it can be!

Thanks for taking a peek!
We'll see ya next time!


  1. I saw your lovely piece in the magazine and I suspected it was part of a much larger project. How exciting for you! I hope to see more of your work in the future. Good job getting 'out there'.

  2. Dear Dana, I am in complete tears of joy and cannot wait to share this on Blogger!!!
    I have always felt that you have so much talent and light that there isn't a cocoon or any sort of bushel basket big enough in the world to hide it--you are one of my true beading heroes! You can do ANYTHING, and you do it so fearlessly and so elegantly, I am so proud I cannot wait to go out and get this magazine with MY FRIEND IN IT!!! YOU AND WHAT YOU DESIGN are both perfectly beautiful! I love this!!! all love, jean xoxoxoxox!

    1. I've heard it said it's not what you know, it's who you know. I've always said bah to that, but You my Dear Jean, YOU have proven it is who you know. Because I know YOU and without your encouragement I might never had thought to say "I would like you to consider my jewelry." You are amazing Jean! Thank you for being a part of my circle! All Love xoxox