Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Come on Hitch Your Wagon up, I Know I Have

Wow! Posting early for the hop made me think I missed last week! I was scrambling to pull together this post lol I have pretty much loaded my wagon and you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun!  and boy, Time sure got away from me.

It’s end of year so I have books and reports and paperwork to do for the bread and butter business. It’s beginning of year so I have goals and projections to get mapped out for both bread and butter and Wind Dancer. My component pricing/inventory needs to be keyed in again, I thought I had it backed up but apparently it was on the still need to do it list when the iMac died and I’ve been putting it off and looking up replacement costs instead. I finally got one of my cabinets in my studio and the shelves installed on the wall and the built ins in my closet put in….. no wonder I’ve been so exhausted! I’ve moved two rooms, twice in the last couple weeks and I’m not done! whew! Oh! and I think I have finally found the Dentist I’m going to keep. This wonderful guy fixed in minutes what the last two never could and my mouth no longer hurts. Good thing because it looks like I’ve got a bit more work to be done in the future, sigh.

More good news….

I joined the Artisan Group and have been giving my shop/FB/twitter/etc a facelift in advance of picking up some nicer business cards. The ones I have aren’t bad but if I’m going to put them in the hands of stylists or celebrities, I’d like a heavier card stock and some gloss.

I also joined the Year of Jewelry project. A piece a week for an entire year. It isn’t completely necessary to follow the suggested themes, so if I already have something going or a custom that’ll work just fine as my weekly offering. I think it’s going to be fun. I want to work on my piercing skills and this will allow me to do that while also honing other skills at the same time. Your creativity spikes when you’re working creatively, it just kind of feeds on itself. I’ve always liked that, you’ve probably figured that out if you've been reading my blog for any length of time. It’s also the reason I have so many sketches on envelope corners and backs of receipts! And the reason I have post its and sketchbooks all over the place. Speaking of sketches I still have several (or more) from my 25 sketches series that I know will find their way into light during my YOJ. I know this to be true, as Week number two has already done just that.

…….. and I've joined a triple hop/challenge. As you all know I make mostly one of pieces and do a decent amount of custom work. You’ve heard me soul search my pricing and marketing all while comparing apples to oranges when it comes to production work. I have hoops and crosses that serve as production pieces in my shop but not a comprehensive line. This challenge and the corresponding hops will remedy that. This also goes hand in hand with having joined the Artisan group as a cohesive line is a more professional look than a shop full of one ofs, even if they are all my favorites.

The first B’Sue Build a Line hop date is set for the 23rd so be sure to come back around to see what we’ve got going on! In the mean time here’s week two from Year of Jewelry and the sketch it was born from.

Rose Quartz, Garnet, & Gold Filigree Earrings

These are so pretty in person the combo of Rose Quartz and Garnets is just perfect with gold.

Thanks for stoppin by!
We’ll see you next time, kids are back to college this week house is going to be really quiet.


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    1. Thank you so much! I hope you'll visit again!

  2. You are going to be busy this year. Good luck with all your goals.

    1. I was a little worried I had taken on too much but I seem to be settling in to a routine and it's all good! Thank you so much!