Tuesday, March 15, 2016

on Building, or Finishing Another Room

MagPie Approved: Tiling the Laundy Room; Laying the tile
Laying the tile in the Laundry Room

It’s been awhile since I wrote a post on the goings on around the house. Mostly because it’s been largely quiet. The weather wasn’t co-operating there for awhile for the outside projects and the hubs has just been too busy or too tired to work on the indoor projects. Which leaves me to do all the work and I start to feel unappreciated being the only one so everything comes to a stop. sigh

This last week the stars aligned just right and everything fell into place. Not only did the hubs get some more of the trim up around the doors, he capped the end of the wall in the kitchen - originally there was going to be a book case there but the wall is not just out of plumb it’s crooked. 

We’ve run into this a lot more than we should’ve. Never hire someone who wasn’t on the short list just because you have to wait on the ones who are on the short list - HAVE PATIENCE.

Anyway, so the bookcase was eliminated from the cabinetry and the pantry cabinet got bigger but that left the end of the wall unfinished. The hubs capped it, finished the trim on the outside of our bedroom door and started the trim around the doorway to my office. Best of all, we laid the tile in the laundry room! I think I mentioned I had started the tile sometime back and was just waiting on the hubs to lay down some more backer board so I could get to the end of the room before moving all the appliances across the room before working on that side. 

MagPie Approved: Tiling the Laundry; Grouting the tile
The hubs cleaning the tile after I grouted. I mopped two more times after that.

I asked if he wouldn’t mind and we just ran with it, got the whole room finished!! Yay! That’s two rooms 100% completely finished! I love my laundry room now! En suite bathrooms are next, flipping coins to see who gets to go first lol There has been some rumblings about not being able to use the bathroom while it’s being tiled - oh how quickly they got used to not having to share bathrooms!

Wind Dancer Studios: Year of Jewelry; week 11, Labradorite earrings
Sterling Silver and Labradorite
Red Buds are blooming! There's a honeybee in the pic too :)

Year of jewelry, it’s week 11 and since I was busy with the laundry room I opted for something simple this week. Sometimes though, simple is just the ticket, I LOVE these earrings. Sterling silver and Labradorite, that flash is just gorgeous isn’t it? It’s one of my favorite gemstones to work with, and I never seem to buy it, I just don’t know why. I need to correct that and soon!

That’s it or today, Thanks for stopping by!

We’ll see ya next week!

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