Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the to do list:

Create a blog - been on the to do list for quite some time now. Though I don't suppose I can cross it off the list just yet........ there are still all the little things to take care of.

A profile - if you're reading this, you might want to know just who I am :)
following friends blogs so I can find them again!

Figuring out how to keep my text from changing sizes in the middle of the post lol Ah yes! welcome to the world of blogging! Bear with me as I get it all figured out...... and begin my random musings on this and that.

I hope you'll stick around or check back in on me - I may need the help or a nudge anyway!


  1. There, my dear!
    I'm your first follower and I'm right here if you need help with anything blog-related. I've been doing it for some years... Welll not the sunshine blog but I have/had others. :)

    Big kisses

  2. Yay! I may have to take you up on that :o) I am a complete novice to the blogging world!

    kisses and a big big smile :D

  3. Okay you, here's a little nudge. Get blogging!!! I'm following you ... and I'll keep nudging.
    tee hee
    xoxo Mollie

  4. Well thank you for the nudge! It was a good one too, new post!