Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've been telling myself if I just had the time, I could update the blog. If I could just find the time I could write about this or that. If I could just find the time........

As is my usual custom I visit the forum at about, check in on facebook, and pop in at jewelry lessons while I drink my morning coffee. Check my e-mail and the stats on my little shops on etsy and artfire. I can have several windows open at once or just pop back and forth as the mood strikes.

It dawned on me, as I was playing my fourth game of Jungle Jewels, I DO have the time! In the amount of time I spent playing a game four times in a row, I could have updated the blog!

It's all about priorities!

Oh it's easy to find time to play a simple game that "only" takes a couple minutes. It's easy to play that game several times in a row. It's easy to waste a lot of time doing the fun things. But "find" the time to do something that you "should" do, well, if only I had more time in the day!!

So now the big question.... why is the blog something I "should" do and not something fun??

oooh good question! Is it because "they" all say I should write a blog if I want my jewelry to be seen and sell online? Is it because, I feel uncomfortable talking about myself - to myself :? Or is it because I think I write too business-like, dry, and not at all like I talk?

Maybe, a little bit of all three. I've always been a little bit of a rebel, doing things my way. My Mom used to say the quickest way to get me to do something, was to tell me I couldn't. The slowest, tell me I should. And there they are, telling me I should! So it goes on a to do list. To do's are never prioritized, It's just a list of things you should or need to do that get crossed off and forgotten about once done.

We've all been told growing up, it isn't polite to talk about yourself, and if you talk to yourself, well, that just makes you a little suspect of being a little off :D I think that's why the whole self - affirmation hasn't really taken off - I mean you're talking about yourself, to yourself!! That just goes against everything we've been taught growing up!! hmmm now I'm a rebel who is a good girl at heart - so maybe they can balance it out! See, I'm talking about myself now, basically to myself, because as I'm writing this it hasn't been published for you to read.

That leaves my writing. Ha! I've got it! If I'm talking to myself, I'm NOT writing a letter, I'm thinking out loud - or is that typing out loud? Either way, it solves the whole business like and too dry thing doesn't it!

Now the blog can be a fun thing! No longer on the to do list to be done and forgotten. Let's get on with the time wasting!! ok maybe not time wasting - another fun way to spend my time online :)

Next post - I've entered my first contest! Before I can post pics though, I need to find out if it's ok to do that before judging begins. Oh and I should finish it! I'll be working on the clasp today so I can see how much longer it needs to be to finish. I'm pretty happy with it so far and I can't wait to show it to you!

Til next time!



  1. Hey you!

    You're not talking to yourself! You're talking to us!

    Can't wait to see that contest entry. And if you can't post pics, maybe you can talk about it!

    I'm still here. Keep posting!


  2. :o) Thank you so much for saying so! I will keep posting! If I can get this little wire through the little bead I should have the necklace done this weekend. I'll check in and see if I can post pics once I've got it done.