Tuesday, July 24, 2012


No not yet! The reveal isn't for another 4 days yet.
Four days - my the time flies!
I still haven't finished my piece for the Iris bead....time to panic?
nooo I still have plenty of time to finish.
Might be pushing it for getting a good photo though. eeks
I'm pleased with my pieces so far and so hope you will be too. Please do come back on Saturday to see the big reveal!


  1. I am laughing because I had no problem making lovely things with your amazing beads, Dana, but I have spent so much time trying to photograph them properly it has driven me crazy! It is killing me. I am still not satisfied, but I eventually had to give up. I sincerely hope that people can see how beautiful everything you gave me is.

    xox jean!
    And Happy Birthday to your daughter! :) hugs!

  2. :) Thank you! We bought her a tablet so she can draw directly on the computer, she's having so much fun with it!
    I was doing great time wise. I managed to get several pieces made for the ceramic escutcheon - then as I started on the Irises my brain started doing what if we did this? I had to completely stop - way too pretty to mess up ! I'm thinking I may still have time to make a pair of matching earrings - but I need to get on it! I still have necklaces to make for the oldest daughters fund raiser next week- Hugs!! and here's to repair or replace quickly!! They never break down during a convenient time do they?

  3. My son had a graphic tablet. It was amazing. He is a wonderful artist. I am so glad this talent rins in your family! He just helped ME with a project I was painting freehand and was I glad to have his advice!
    The Iris piece is by Anne Choi. She is so special at what she does. I love her work!

    xox jean

  4. I think I can say I'm a new fan :) I went and looked her up, she does some really gorgeous work.
    Having creatives in the family can really make for wonderful sounding boards! It's kind of nice to have the help when you need it too I think.