Monday, August 13, 2012

Home is Where Your Heart Is

And the Kitchen is the Heart of the Home
All things seem to congregate around the kitchen don't they? Family meals, Holiday gatherings, the newest works of art and report cards lovingly placed on the fridge for all to see and mmmm cookies in the oven.

I posted I had managed to load my wagon last month having decided now of all times (in the middle of Bead Soup) was when I was going to finally start the ceiling in my kitchen! I thought you might like a peek.

I love the look of tin ceilings with their gorgeous pressed patterns.
I don't however like the price tag that comes with - ouch! My Dad always said I had expensive tastes!
Unfortunately for me I don't have an endless supply of cash.
Fortunately for me, I love a challenge and finding ways to get the look without the pain!

Enter architectural paper, I remember it as anaglypta wallpaper but try finding that at Lowe's! It's paintable paper with an embossed texture, usually in "tin" designs and usually meant for your wall. It isn't cheap at around $18 a roll but it costs significantly less than $68 per tile and covers ALOT more square footage!

I bought a roll or two with each trip into Lowe's until I had enough to get started. While I was busy doing other things my pattern was discontinued!! Yikes! Turns out I had just enough and good thing too as I had already started in the hallway next to the kitchen.

The first two rows I had cut to length and then had the entire family on ladders holding it up on the ceiling while I smoothed and cursed (under my breath young ears!!!) and it sat like that while I contemplated a better way. Then it hit me, quite a few tin ceilings have a border trim that hides the seams. I could cut the paper to a manageable size and have trim work hide the seams! Wonderful plan! As it turns out, there is the slightest twist to the repeat in the pattern that requires a slight gap every so often to keep everything lined up and straight. Trim to the rescue!

I'm almost half way across the kitchen, waiting on the hubs to take the light fixture down. I have a larger bronzed medallion that will also go up when we put the light back up.

I did the ceiling in the Guest Bath the same way, but painted it a copper color. Painting was a long process for something being done overhead so I think I'll leave the kitchen ceiling white. But I thought I'd show it as it gives you a better look at the pattern.

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