Saturday, December 1, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

It's official! The countdown to Christmas has begun! Paige's final for 3D design is in it's final stages of creation which took us to the Dollar Tree for a few filler items she needed. It's going to be so pretty! She's had it hanging in her room as she's worked on it and all I can think is - that really needs to hang in front of the fireplace! :)

As I was saying we went shopping and I found some cute items for my great nephews and niece. It kind of changes the direction I was going but I really like the whole idea. Look for that post next week!

This weeks post is a pin I just stumbled onto while carousing Pinterest. Food stuffs are always an appreciated gift, after all "nothin says lovin like goodies from the oven" but these days that oven can be of the microwave variety.

Love the marketing idea for this as well - did you notice? The pin is for a printer who can customize your mug to say whatever you like! Clever!

If you want that brownie in a mug to be 100% hand made (you know me and hand made!) my friend Christine of BackBay Pottery has some ....

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Or Nancy and Mike's mugs over at HillTop Pottery....

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

As does Diana of Crop Circle Clay....

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Or maybe you prefer a Vintage flair....
My friend Jean of Jean's Vintage Kitchen has this great set you may be interested in. Can't you just see the fudge sauce being poured over the brownies from that awesome pitcher? Yum!

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Or maybe CKs Vintage mugs appeal to you.....

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

There are many wonderful potters and vintage sellers on Etsy all of whom would love to help you create that tasty little treat for your friends and family.
I could easily list off a dozen or so of my favs and I hope to be able to show off all their goodies to you at some point as they are all deserving of a spot light.
Til then, thanks for stopping by and we'll see you next time!

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