Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In Memoriam of Annie Menasco

Annie Menasco
There is a hole in my heart this week,  only time and good memories can fill it.
At 90 years young my Grandma was reunited with my Grandpa, all her brothers and sisters and all the generations before her.  The secondary problems constantly popping up during her recovery from surgery last summer have proven to be too much for her now frail body. The world is a slightly dimmer place today as she returns to her place amongst the stars.

a glimpse of Grandmas life via Etsy treasury
Grandma was born in Arkansas but the dust bowl and the depression made it impossible for the family farm to support the family any longer and they picked up, like so many others of the time and moved west looking for work, landing in the small mining town of Chloride just outside of Kingman Arizona in the Mojave Desert. There she met and married my Grandpa who also happened to be there looking for work. She thought he was handsome, and as she tells it so did all the other girls, she said she thought she never had a chance. Turns out she was the only one who ever stood a chance.

Grandpa went off to war and Grandma held down the home front. When he returned they began expanding the family, paying the Doctor for deliveries with chicken dinners.  {seriously! I think we need to bring back the bartering system!}

When they finally moved to California, Grandpa paid for the house they lived in for the rest of their lives with his new convertible and $8000.  {again! I say we need to bring back the bartering system!}

My Grandmother loved her garden, growing several flowers that will always remind me of her, roses, camellias, 4 o'clocks and hibiscus on occasion too. Her favorite color was red and many of the flowers in her garden bore that gorgeous hue.

Grandpa became the Commander of the VFW and she the first lady of the Auxiliary. I have many fond memories of Memorial day Poppy sales (so that we never forget our fallen and do right by our veterans)

Grandma spent her retirement taking care of me, most of my cousins and crocheting countless doilies, afghans, and lap warmers. Each of my children owns one of her pieces and uses them well.

Always quick witted she had a wonderfully fiery spirit and an equally fierce love of her family. Both as passionate as her favorite reds descry. I can only hope I am remembered with as much love and and happy memories as she.


  1. Beautifully written, I am so sorry for your loss, she sounds like a fantastic lady! x

  2. Ogni vita è una storia, un fiume ricco di misteri, gravido di amore, passione, avventura. Nulla potrà mai sostituirla.
    Ricordo quando è mancata mia nonna. Ho avuto lo stesso smarrimento, lo stesso senso di vuoto. A distanza di vent' anni, ricordo ancora tutto ciò che mi aveva insegnato. E la memoria è dolce...
    Un abbraccio! (This is wrote in Italian, sorry, however, I hope you like it).

    1. That was beautiful in both languages, thank you so much!

  3. Such a beautiful lady and obviously it was inside and out. We're so lucky to have such love in our lives that it hurts so much when it becomes a memory.

    1. I agree whole heartedly.
      Thank you Susan!