Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stacking Rings - I've FINALLY done it!

I've mentioned before I wanted to learn to make stacking rings, I love the little things. I love that you can stack them or wear them with other rings or just singularly. Options are ALWAYS a good thing in my book. I posted I had begun trying my hand at them, back in February I believe it was errr make that November! lol, but felt I still needed a fair bit of practice.
By George I think I've got it! Stacking Rings!

Last night I was working on the main piece for my Bead Soup. I was using some aged brass wire and wondering why I had it and what would I have been using it for. Just as I was nearing the end of the wire it dawned on me, I had set aside a pair of earrings I was working on to to focus on books and such and I had just used the wire I made up for those earrings - face palm!

I broke out the torch and patinated several feet of wire as now I had at least two projects needing it. I thought to myself while I've got the torch lit, maybe I could practice a little more on making stackers. This was my result 5 count 'em FIVE rings all US size 7.5 with varying degrees of texture. I am so stoked! I can make them and they're pretty! I think the next time I order wire I'll make a purchase of some heavier gauge silver, maybe gold filled too! Look for stackers to start making an appearance in my shop soon!

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