Tuesday, June 2, 2015

On What Problems Does Jewelry Solve

Or How not to Hard Sell my wares.
Wind Dancer Studios, Picasso Quote, Jewelry is Art too
Pablo Picasso

Yikes I missed not one but two posts! All this rain and grey skies has gotten my days all running into each other. We've gotten almost the entire years rainfall in the last month! We get A LOT of rain in a year and as you know, our bread and butter business is construction so my head is spinning with all the grey. Hopefully we can get some blue skies to peek through those clouds soon because my poor garden is getting overrun by weeds too and I don't think I want to make mud pies!

Anyway, Enough of that!  This year's goals have been all about getting my ducks in a row so to speak. Photography is an on going evolution in style and product representation and my little Etsy shop is starting to get a mish mash of looks again so I'll most likely be doing a freshening soon to bring back the cohesive look.

The main goals I had for the year were in descriptions and tags. Writing in a way that conveys the things you would feel if you were standing here, or sitting with me while looking at my jewelry. I've started reading up again about writing copy. 99% of what's out there is all about the hard sell or problem solving.

I don't know about you, but I hate a hard sell. I've actually not bought something I needed/wanted because of the hard sell. Seriously, I left and went home to research where else I could find what I wanted.

Problem solving? Jewelry is art, it's adornment, it's personal, it's emotional. But writing to solve a problem. Hey, you know that purple dress you have? This right here..... some how that doesn't quite work for me. It might be the perfect accessory for that dress, but unless I'm creeping around I don't know that!!  I sure don't want you to think I've been creeping around in your closet either, ewww.

Then I came across this video from Marie Forleo. I love her videos, she takes basic business info and makes it fun.

She also had a few tips on how to write that copy so it wasn't hard sell or spammy. I came across Maries videos a while back, subscribed and she quickly became a favorite. You can see why.

Last weeks post was supposed to be a tutorial on making loops and wrapped loops but I knocked my camera off the edge of the bench and it's still a little "dizzy" and having issues focussing where I need it to. As such some of the photos weren't nearly as clear as I'd like them to be. I'll try to get them reshot in the next week or so to get that posted.

In the mean time, I'm way behind on Year of Jewelry pieces and B'Sue is having a June bride challenge so back to the studio I need to go.

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