Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Procrastination Invites Inspiration

Procrastinators Unite! Tomorrow.......

I seem to be in procrastination mode. I'm procrastinating right now, I should be working on some paperwork but I'm writing my blog post that I procrastinated writing yesterday. It's important and needs to be done, I just don't want to.

Instead I'm giving myself permission to go find inspiring jewelry. I mentioned before how I loved the forum and all the sharing and inspiration. I miss that. So I gave myself permission to search out the oohs and ahhs on Pinterest and Instagram. It's been awhile since I just let myself enjoy other peoples pretties, it wasn't long before I had ideas perking, oh those look a lot like my necklace, if I add this and take away that, they would make a perfect pair of matching earrings. Why didn't I think about making matching earrings before?

MagPie Approved:I'm Signed up for B'SUes Change it UP Blog Hop

I signed up for B'Sues  Change it Up Blog Hop, I know which element I'm going to use but not a clue how I really want to go about using it. While I was out and about carousing the pretties I starting thinking oh what a cute idea! I could cut it up and do something like that, or I could patina it and do something like this. I think I may need to order a couple pieces and allow myself to experiment. Now that sounds like fun and a plan for tomorrow *wink*

Sometimes giving ourselves permission to do something tomorrow allows us to give ourselves permission to recharge the soul and quieten enough to listen to the whisperings of our muse. I needed that.

I'm off to do something, not sure yet just what that is but I'm off to do it!

Thanks for stopping by!
We'll see you next time!

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