Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Inspiration in Color Ways

MagPie Approved:Wind Dancer Studios, Inspiration
Color Inspiration from Design Seeds

One of my favorite blogs is Design Seeds, I get their posts in my e-mail pretty much daily.

The concept is simple, they find a photo that has great color and they pull a palette from it. It's an absolutely brilliant way to see color in combinations you may not have considered on your own.  I pin my favorites to one of my boards on Pinterest. I've been pinning them for a few years now along with a handful of other photos whose color inspires me.

MagPie Approved:Wind Dancer Studios, Inspiration
Less orange more yellows

Most of the time the palette chosen is as I would choose it, sometimes I see more colors I would use but were left out of the palette, and then there are times when I wonder why these colors where chosen when others would be so much prettier. ALL of those scenarios are exactly what the site is about. To inspire you to look at the colors, in the photos, and in the world around you.

MagPie Approved:Wind Dancer Studios, Inspiration
This is some yummy color!

I've found I choose color palettes cyclically, softer pastels a month or so before spring hits, sunny colors as summer approaches, deeper jewel tones as autumn rolls in and icy cool through out winter. I've also noticed I really like food and flower combos, nature scenes, and ocean /beach combos. The latter most likely has to do with growing up in California and heading off to worlds edge as often as I could.  Nothing like the view of the earths curve to make you feel small and your problems smaller.

MagPie Approved:Wind Dancer Studios, Inspiration
Oh to dig my toes into the sands and stare off into the horizon, sighs

But I also found I really enjoy architecture, old peeling paint, heavily carved, large door knobs and lots of fret work, ancient, old world architecture. The colors in the patina of age and time when looked at from a design point are beautiful. Even if not always such a good thing for the structure it self. There is Beauty in all things if you look for it.

Chippy, shabby, tone on tone, and what wonderful texture!

It's like I say, inspiration is everywhere, all around you, all the time. I hope through color you can see the world in new ways and enjoy even some of the smallest details too.

Love that chippy patina!

MagPie Approved:Wind Dancer Studios, Inspiration & Design
Here you can see my inspiration as applied to one of my designs.

Have a colorful day!
We'll see you next time!

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