Tuesday, September 1, 2015

of Spaghetti and Meatballs

MagPie Approved: Pinterest Wins! Meat Ball and menu boards
Tonight is Fajitas, last night Spaghetti and Meat Balls!
When the oldest moved out her coffee pot went with her,
a Menu Board is now in its place.

I had the most amazing dinner last night!

It wasn't at a restaurant or anything fancy, it was just spaghetti and meatballs. But it was the first time I've had spaghetti and meatballs in 25 years. haha I haven't had it since I dropped a forkful in the hubs lap on our first date!

He's my hubs he did in fact ask me out for a second and third date after that. Though I thought for sure he wouldn't, lovely klutzy move that was.  How's your dinner? Oh it's good. Want a bite? Sure, drops it in his lap.......facepalm

But back to the story. Since the oldest has moved back out again, I've been busy cleaning and rearranging furniture and cleaning some more. The weather has finally cooled off a few degrees - meaning it is finally below the 100 mark again so I've also been puttering about in the garden. All this moving about is getting the energy levels up and the mood lifted and I'm having a little fun again, see my new menu board?

The kiddo and I were discussing Pinterest and my recipe pin board when my son pipes up he's been watching Alton Brown's Good Eats. We got to talking about how fancy doesn't make the food good and how sometimes just a few basic ingredients can make something simple really good.

About this time the hubs pops in and heads to the freezer to get an ice cream. Nothing but an empty box, uh oh! The last grocery trip only resulted in half the list, sauce but no noodles, bell peppers but no steak etc.  So the kiddo jokingly asks does this mean we can have spaghetti for dinner? Dad doesn't like spaghetti, he says he only likes it with meat sauce and I make it with meat sauce but he won't let me make it. To which he answers Meat Balls, it needs Meat Balls.  25 years and his complaint was he wanted the meat to be in the form of a ball? Go figure lol But I agreed to meat balls and he agreed to spaghetti!

He runs to the store gotta have that ice cream! And I hit Pinterest for a meat ball recipe -

Let me just say, Best meat balls I've ever had!  It tasted like we were eating at a restaurant. Nothing fancy, just spaghetti and meat balls, mashed potatoes, salad and french bread. Ate til we hurt, and still wanted more.

I had never made meat balls before last night, and they were so easy and so delicious! Man I love Pinterest! In case you're wondering here's the BOARD. I try to check for duplicates, they do find a way in every now and again and I hate a link that goes no where so I always check those before I pin. Cookies have their own board and Alex and I have decided we need to start a board for those recipes he finds and wants to try so they don't get lost on Facebook where he usually shares them with me.
I have lots of other boards too if you care to take a peek.....

Thanks for stoppin by!
We'll see ya next time!

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