Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Rocked the 30 Days of Infinite Possibilities!

Magpie Approved: tut: Infinite Possibilities Project

Infinite Possibilities Project Week 5

Day 26 Put your skills to work. Manifest something - make your desire known to the Universe and then do your part. Want a smile from someone, put a smile on your face first and have a happy attitude - watch how quickly that brings smiles from others.
Day 27 Write an I Rock Because list. This sounds fun! Feel free to include things you aspire to rock at. Even more fun! So fun it became this weeks blog title!
Day 28 Look ahead 5 yrs in your life. Write a letter to yourself from there and tell yourself of all the successes you’ve had. How your life and the lives of your loved ones have changed because of it. What surprised you and what dreams do you aspire to now?
Day 29 What 5 things would your future self want you to know? example Be more forgiving, Spend more money, spend less money, Don’t be so afraid etc
Day 30  Look over your entries and reflect on the past 30 days how do you think this will help you in the coming months/year?  

A few of these I did off blog for a couple reasons, one my posts would be a mile long lol and two some of them required a little more thought and time than the quick line or two I had going on here and there are a couple I really think are worth revisiting.

This was a really fun way to start the year! I hope you followed along either informally with me or with the daily e-mails from TUT. As a reminder you can find all 30 days on TUT’s website along with Mike’s videos for each day.  

Year of Jewelry Project Week 5

While I was cleaning up my studio a few days ago I found the missing hollow bead from week 13 of last year 

MagPie Approved:YoJ week 13 2015
My first hollow beads - well second and third. The first flew across the room when I was polishing. This time I left the pretty red patina or most of it

It was actually not across the room, just a foot or so away hiding in plain sight in Lola’s chair. I moved my old office chair into the corner and she curls up and naps there while I’m working. I probably never would’ve found it but I had set some photos on the chair while cleaning. Ha! Too funny! But perfect timing for me as I was scratching my head for an idea for this week. I have all my UFO’s pulled out as I intend to finish many (if not all of them) during Year of Jewelry. Including the heart I started several years ago! 

MagPie Approved:YoJ week 5 2016
I'm trying to be mindful of what I make this year in that it can be worn with any number of other pieces I have already made. So far so good!

Speaking of mindful cohesion, this years Build a Line Master Class had their first hop this weekend. If you’d like to swing by the B’Sue badge on the right here will take you to Brenda’s blog where you can find this years participants. I’ve peeked at a few of their blogs already and I’m looking forward to the next two hops!

Well that makes for a busy post this week!! Whew! 

Thanks for Stoppin by!

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