Tuesday, February 9, 2016

On Revisiting a Charmed Piece

Wind Dancer Studios: On Remaking a Charmed Piece: Before
Before: Charmed I'm Sure
Apologies, slightly under exposed here.....

Week 6 Already! Wow time is speeding right along! This week’s “A charm”  You might recognize the charms on the necklace. I made them for my loop tutorial found HERE. As you can see, I had put them on a leather cord but I was never quite happy with that. It just seemed too heavy for the dainty charms so I just set it aside.

I realized I had some ball chain hidden away that I thought would be a better weight visually for it and I think I’m much happier with it now!  The funny about this is, it’s pink. January’s prompt if you got stuck for an idea on making for the week was Pink lol but now that we’re in February, the color is red! Ever the rebel!

Wind Dancer Studios: On Revisiting A Charmed Piece; After
After: Doubly Charmed

The second choker takes the leather and the wooden bead I removed from the first and shortens it just a little bit for feathers. You might remember some of these from another blog post as well. I discovered them again while cleaning up my desk and really like the idea of them being charms. They remind me of my best friends and that makes me happy.

Speaking of happy, this was in my Facebook feed the other day.

A Little Play on Words

I would decorate my domicile, dine on delectables, and discuss things with the Dalai Llama on a day trip to the Dutch Antilles and I could dot the landscape with Dahlias, Daisies, Day Lilies, and Daffodils…..

This was a lot of fun! It almost reminds me of the plan a day in your future life, but using only one letter instead of scheduling time slots makes it easier. I almost want to go through the alphabet just to see what I can come up with! Could be a fun pick me up on those days where you feel a little blah. 

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  1. That necklace looks perfect on the ball chain. And those feathers are amazing. I have an easy answer for the Facebook thing. I would just buy jewelry supplies! :)

    1. I LOVE that! Thanks for the starting my day with a smile!!