Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My First Spinner/Fidget Ring


It's been a torching kind of week around the studio as I've been working on a pair of commissioned earrings. Sometimes when I get to a point where I'm really happy with the progression of a design I need to take a step back and work on something else. Sounds a little backwards doesn't it?

Honestly when I'm really happy I feel the need to psyche myself up to take the next step when it involves the flame. Fire melts metal. I know this because that's how I make all those balled headpins.

This weekend as I psyched myself up I made several rings, a couple twisted copper rings and my first spinner ring. I have a chart around here somewhere that gives lengths and ratios and all that really necessary stuff for getting the proper fit but I didn't pull that out, noooo I had to wing it! Which really isn't as bad as it sounds, I have a pretty good memory I just didn't remember the difference in length between the wide band and the spinner band so the first band was too small and the second tried to scare me by sliding off as I checked the flare haha! Bad spinner!

Even though I managed to split the seam a little, just as I was finishing up flaring the band, I am really happy with the results. Alex has claimed this one for his own, I wore it for awhile and it really is pretty comfy to wear and since I do fidget with my rings it was right up my alley.

What about those earrings you ask? Well, my fear of melting something is actually well founded. I got the first earring put together and started soldering the second. I got too aggressive with the flame and poof she melted. So now instead of having a pair of gorgeous earrings, I have a very cool pendant. I'll start pair number two here in just a few. Plan B involves no flames, I think I'll work on those first and then maybe I'll come back to Plan A. After all, a full set would be really pretty!

Thanks for stoppin by!
We'll see you next time!


  1. such a cool ring , wish i wasn't so afraid of torches, i'd try to make one
    I bet it's fun to wear and fidget with

    1. Thank you Deb!
      It's very comfy and I do play with it every time I put it on! It's just a fun ring!
      I do have a ceramic tile down, then a welders mat on top of that, then a fire brick. And I keep water and a fire extinguisher close by. I love playing with fire, but I respect it and it's always better to be safe than sorry. They do have a little Benzomatic butane pen torch, it doesn't hold a lot of butane but it is the size of a sharpie and balls copper just fine, that might be a good starting point for you. Just something to think about :D