Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Offering or Selling?

I subscribe to a couple blogs, not too terribly surprising, most of us do. One of those blogs is Brass Tack Thinking and this post was in my e-mail this morning:
The writers share quite a few of my personal views on things - so of course I love this blog!! They write in a wonderful way that allows you to think on the subject and reflect. Sometimes offering a point of view that may be different from your own and inviting a discussion on how you perceive it. I have to say I'm in total agreement with the current post up for deliberation. I hate a hard sell in anything. I will refuse to buy even if I need what is being sold. Spam - not much better. As an independent artisan offering my jewelry for sale, it is up to me to market my wares. ah, but I hate spam and the hard sell! There are days when I cringe at the live feed on FB when it's the same person posting their wares over and over again, completely taking over the page so I can't see what is happening in the lives of the other folks on my list. Other days, every one of my artisan friends has decided "today is the day I share one or two of my pieces" I have to laugh and think I must have missed the memo that today is marketing day :) Then there are the friends who truly have embraced social media, they have thoughtful, funny, or thought provoking posts. They comment on others posts and share some beautiful work of friends and unknowns, so when they do post some of their own it just feels natural to see it, and I'm glad they shared. They truly offer what they have and I am grateful for that.

'Til next time!