Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Infinite Possibilities Week 4

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Day 19 Imagine how those you love will benefit from your success. This one is easy, the kids will have been set up in their own businesses and will be little successes in their own rights. The hubs can spend more time with the kids as they build their businesses. We all get some toes in the sand time.
Day 20 Meet your peers. Make a list of those who are where you wish to be, add your name to list. Sounds like my screensaver :) 10 days left and I was already doing so many of these on a daily basis. It’s nice to hear I’m heading in the right direction.
Day 21 Have a chat with someone who gets your dream and speak to them as if it’s already reality. Make it celebratory …. for each of you.
Day 22 List 20 things you love from the simple to the exotic if you love to do it, list it. Just a little reminder of the wonder that is in your life or could be. *I love puttering in the garden and around the yard with a butterfly perched on my shoulder. *Feeling the sun on my face and shoulders. *Snuggle time with the hubs. *That he brings me my coffee in the morning. *That 25 yrs together feels like no time at all.  *Listening to the birds sing, *watching the sun rise in the morning and *set in the evenings, *being awed by the immenseness that are the stars and *the curve of he world. *I love the satisfaction that only comes from doing it yourself and well.* I love being goofy with my kids *I love toes in the sand, waves at my feet, salt air in my face *I love listening to the chirpy purr of the Siamese and the instant deep I love you purrs of the other cats. *I love no matter how many times you give the dog a biscuit he ALWAYS takes it and puts in in the kiddos shoe before he eats it….. no matter where that shoe is lol *I love that we built this house together to live our lives in and we’re creating memories on a daily. *
Day 23 List 10 things you are deeply grateful for.
Day 24 Write a letter to yourself from an admirer, what wonderful qualities/inspiration/talents do you have? Shower yourself with love and appreciation. I see the potential for a revamp of my about page here. Like several of these activities I think I’ll work this one privately. I think this one has a great amount of potential.
Day 25 set your intention for the day. I already do this daily. I have a little pop up reminder that is set to run when I’m reading my e-mail. It says what do you want today? Some days it’s to get something done, some days it’s to enjoy the quiet moments, some days it’s about attitude. It’s really a nice way to focus on the days priority, whatever it is. Today I’m going to schedule this blog post, download tax forms, and decide on this weeks YoJ piece. I have several UFO’s and a handful of ideas for refinishing some pieces. Sometimes the taking away process was ended too soon and sometimes the piece was finished too early, either way it was called finished but it niggles until you realize it isn’t truly finished, hence re-finishing. I believe all pieces have someone who will love them, and being properly finished helps that along :)

year of jewelry project week 4 Wind Dancer Studios matching bracelets for week 3

Speaking of Year of Jewelry:
This week I kept it simple with matching bracelets for last weeks necklace set. Red Creek Jasper with a Shell focal and brass. And a skinny bangle of twisted copper and brass.

Over on my Facebook page I’m sharing hearts and flowers everyday until Valentines. Giving you a virtual bouquet, pop on over anytime you feel you need a pick me up or a flower to make you smile. If you haven’t already. hit that like button and receive notifications to get those flowers on a daily!

See ya next time!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's Still January

Whew! It's Been a Busy Busy Holiday Weekend

Week 3 Year of Jewelry = Coral    I had coral pulled I really did, paired it up with turquoise for a really pretty necklace but then this Red Creek Jasper said it wanted to play pretty pretty please. Isn’t it just a gorgeous stone?! At first I was going to weave a bail for it but that just seemed too plain. I’ve been trying to clear off my desks and found some small pieces of brass that I set aside and I had one just the right size for a bail. I’m pretty pleased with the results, and I kind of want to keep this one for myself.

*Red Creek Jasper* *Picture Jasper* *Black Lip Shell* *Cedar Berries* *Amber Heart* *vintage brass roll chain* *hand crafted bail* *hand crafted rosary chain* *hand crafted vintage style hook and eye clasp* *hand twisted jumps* *roughly six hours in the making including design time and where did I put that/where did it go now time*

I finally managed to wrestle the checkbook away from the hubs and was up to my eyeballs in doing bookwork, balancing the checkbook and having anxiety attacks over deposits not being written in even though the amount was added to the balance so I get to find a $2000 discrepancy because 600 plus 800 is 1400 not 3500 and blah blah blah I think he cut a year or two off my lifespan with that one sigh 

In the midst of all that I see in my e-mail I have a notice…..

Stephanie Drapeau
mentioned you.

Stephanie Drapeau
Jan 18
Simply love these designs!❤️❤️ @MeiFaithStudio @DanasWindDancer@HeidiLee_Design @2LittlePs of @theartisangroup
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ah, just warms the heart! She likes them, just made my day - and then I found the missing deposit in the bank statement and all was right with the world once again.

We've headed into Week 3 of the  Infinite Possibilities Project 

Here's what we've been up to with that.

Day 12 Plan the celebration for achieving your goals - sadly when this one came in I was pretty mad at the hubs, A Party was not anywhere on the list. Maybe I can revisit that one in a day or so.
Day 13 Share the Love, today spend a couple minutes and Pay it Forward with a Random Act of Kindness - That I can do
Day 14 Create a daily planner and fill it with all the things you wish you’ll be doing. - My first thought was I’m an introvert, the only thing I want is to hide away on my hill and make pretties.l Then I looked a little deeper into my hearts desires and realized Jamaica isn’t on my hill. Vacations are a blessing and toes in the sand is really quite necessary to recharging batteries, and since I’m not angry with the hubs anymore he can come too =grins= 
Day 15  send thoughts of love in small and meaningful ways, even if you don’t say it out loud think it. I love how you’ve read this with me, thank you! I like this one too. It fits in with my goal of being kinder and replacing those negative words that have crept in. This works for me. HEY!! We’re half way through already!
Day 16 Almost missed this one, notes don’t come on the weekend and I kept watching the inbox for it. Was in bed before I realized It was Saturday! lol Technically I did miss it lol But you didn’t know that! Create a pleasing ritual…… hmmm I was thinking 15 minutes on the Stairmaster every morning just to get the blood pumping, but maybe a gentler start that won’t be so tempting to brush off on off days would work better for my purposes. I’m thinking a morning stretch, or maybe a little bit of yoga that can be done even before getting out of bed while still warm and cozy. This I like! I need to do a little research to find what I can do but it sounds like a really nice way to start the day. I can hit the Stairmaster after coffee, once my eyes are actually open and my feet are no longer stumbling.
Day 17 acknowledging your amazing self. Another nice one! We say and do good things all the time without acknowledging the good we do in the world. Take time to look over just the last 24 hrs and take note of the kindnesses and good things you have done. They do make a difference in the world and in doing them so do you!
Day 18 Going back to the calendar, pick a day and visualize everything wonderful going on. From the moment you wake up on…

This really has been a fun way to start the year and I'm looking forward to the next 12 days. It's been really intriguing how well it ties in with my goals for the year. If you've been following along I'd love to hear how well it's been matched to your goals too. Please let me know in the comments!

Valentine's Day is coming up, I think I'll post some hearts and flowers over on the FaceBook page for the next couple of weeks, show you all how much I appreciate you!

See you next week!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Infinite Possibilities Week 2

Infinite Possibilities Project

When I write my posts up on my computer I do it on a single page in Notes. Once they’ve published on Blogger I delete them and start fresh. For whatever reason I only deleted the post back to the original goals. Turns out it’s pretty handy to have them there! Then I realized I had started this post on a different page so I wouldn’t lose the “journaling” aspect on the computer - *face palm* Good think I had it “backed up” on the blog!!

Day 5 of our Journey was to envision what life will be like once your dreams and goals have become reality. That one’s kind of fun a little day dream to start the day with, puts a smile on your face for sure.

Day 6 plan and write down at least 7 baby steps that can be taken immediately that will allow me to move towards my goals. 

Steps I can take
  • meal planning
  • start every morning with a few minutes of cardio
  • scheduling days to concentrate on different areas of business
  • scheduling posts on social media so I can share them across sites on different days
  • break down current projects into bite sized chunks that can be done in a day or less
  • input one invoice at a time into inventory and check current supplies for accuracy
  • consider how to reorganize beads and metals 
  • start current year receipt folders
  • look around for replacement software
  • offer to help photograph or write copy for the kiddos ceramics
  • start listing and adjusting tags for Valentines and Mothers Day
  • clean out a spot in the basement and create a tool/supply room for my son -

 Hahaha I dreamt once my basement had become a mini mall, it seems to be on it’s way, kiddos ceramics studio, office for the boy, wood working shop for the hubs, the gym, all it needs is a jewelry kiosk - now where do you suppose I could find one of those?!

Day 7 Pay attention to the words you think and say, self correct where necessary. I like this one. I’ve been doing this since I was 16, but it is really nice to have the reminder with all the negative we get bombarded with on a daily basis anymore. I have noticed the past several years those negative words creeping into my own vocabulary - that’s where the be kinder goal comes from. Kinder to myself, kinder to my family with responsible and positive words.

Day 8  Take a hard look at the story you’ve told yourself about your life, rewrite it so it becomes empowering.  This one is going to take some thought. I pretty much already do that….. but there is always room for improvement right? My Mom has always called me a rebel because of my “just watch me” attitude, maybe it’s time to wake that part of me up again? Kind of like that Meme This is the year I will be unstoppable. This year I will be fierce. Which is a pretty cool affirmation. Rewriting that to be empowering becomes  In 2016 I became unstoppable the moment I remembered that I Am Fierce!  

Day 9 Choose beliefs that enforce your goals. He gave a couple examples that I thought fit perfectly so to be “efficient” lol I grabbed a couple of those to add to mine.
  • I chose to be here to succeed, I am finding my way, it’s all making sense. 
  • I’m protected, guided, and loved; always in the right place at the right time.

Day 10 oops I had in my mind combined 9 and 10 before I even knew what 10 was….. ever efficient I am! :D Choose affirmations that enforce your goals. A Mantra - well can I say how efficient it is to have already chosen efficient? lol OK I’m having fun with it now. I knew this was going to be a great start to my year!
  • I am grateful for all that is unfolding in my life and all that is yet to come
  • My life is prosperous and multiplies all that I have, give and receive 
  • I am open and receptive to abundant good
I can actually give credit for the last two to Katie over at the Red Lotus for these, I’ve had them set up as daily reminders for a year or so now.

Day 11 Surround yourself with empowering resources. Ted Talks, Notes from the Universe, groups on FB etc etc Create a book list, video list, whatever it is that supports your choices.       done done and done  I actually do this a couple times a year it really helps to recharge the batteries so to speak.  Day 12 as this posts……. I hope you’ve been playing along, this has been pretty fun so far.

Week One of Year of Jewelry had us introducing ourselves and sharing our goals for the year. I know! Our Jewelry goals, what we want to accomplish by participating, since I only made it as far as April last year my goal was pretty simple, to finish out the year, if I stumble (or my Muse takes a vacation) I’ll just pick myself up, dust myself off, and continue on.  

This years theme is Color! Week two was Monochromatic…how fun!…….

MagpieApproved: Wind Dancer Studios Year of Jewelry Project
Picture Jasper, Copper, Elk Leather
Wrapped, Coiled, and Netted
I love how the patina on the copper wire mimics the coloring of the stone.

Of course after I made it I discovered the color of the month had been decided and it was pink. I actually had Rose Quartz pulled for a bracelet but set it aside to make my Owl set. Coral next week and I’m thinking red and turquoise instead of pink. We’ll have to see what my Muse whispers in my ear over the next day or so.

All in all another very productive week. I need to price and write copy but I have several new pieces to list on Amazon that should mix really well with the pieces already on offer.

Thanks for stoppin by!
We'll see you next week!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

the Infinite Possibilities Project

No greater gift than to honor your calling

As you know last week I wrote about setting goals instead of resolutions. I had briefly touched on a couple of my goals and noticed efficiency seemed to be my mantra for the year. 

You may also recall I subscribe to Notes From the Universe (click here!! to see what that’s all about ) I love starting my mornings out on a good note and I encourage everyone reading to start theirs our on a good note too. The Infinite Possibilities Project (click here! to join in the fun) is the brainchild of Mike Dooley, who just happens to bring my notes to my inbox every weekday morning. I thought since the notes start my day so well THIS would be a great way to start my year. It’s 30 days of quick activities to help you achieve your dreams. Day one was all about setting goals, right up my ally! 

Since I talked about some of my goals with you last week and since it’s so on target with this time of year I thought I’d share my 30 days on the blog here throughout the month of January, and since it’s a new year and I have a new shop to fill up I’m also participating in the Year of Jewelry Project again this year, so I may sprinkle some new goodies in there from time to time as well.

5 goals in order of importance, ordering them was kind of hard because they all kind of intertwine with each other…… 

1: Health; Continuing regular exercise and improving on our nutrition. Because even Pizza Night can turn into a family meal with a salad.
2: Business; you’ve read this one already : Social Media Marketing, Inventory, Book Keeping and the business plan revisited for the bread & butter business. You might feel this one should be lower but once it gets rolling it will free up time for 1, 3 & 5 (my Mantra for the year) and will actually help create 4 but it is 2nd because health above all else, without it you can’t fully enjoy the rest.
3: Home; finish my existing projects, prioritize what needs to be done and get those started
4: Finances; my little business has been self-sustaining and has met it’s goals consistently, this is the year I want it to contribute to the household.
5: Family; help the kids build their dreams, be kinder, be happier, cook together. Once the kids were big enough to cook without supervision I backed out of the kitchen when they cooked to allow them to stretch and develop their skills. But I really miss cooking together, some of our best happiest and goofiest moments are had in the kitchen together. If they’re making pizza, I can make a salad. Which brings us right back around to Goal number 1.

Day 2 was about choosing a theme for the year and I immediately thought ha! I’m ahead of the game my word is efficiency. But then I thought no that’s not my theme, efficiency is the key to finding balance so that I can create abundance.

abundance |əˈbəndəns|
• plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity

Abundance of Love, of Creativity, of Time, of Success, of Health and sure of Wealth too. So the word might be efficiency, but the theme is Abundance.

Day 3 was getting into detail about day ones goals……. hahaha umm yeah did that on day one :)

Day 4 start a journal to record your 30 day journey lol again ahead of the curve I started writing this on day 2 because I loved how well it tied in to what I was already writing about.
Consider creating a vision board on Pinterest….. that might actually be fun too. If I decide to make one I’ll post it on next weeks blog for those of you following along and need ideas for your own board. Or I can do that now! (that's the magic of writing posts early lol)  Here's my Board! 

As this publishes for you to read it will be day 5  - I try to write my posts a couple days early so I can post them in the morning, and now you know why some posts are late.

All in all it’s been a productive week around here, I love the renewed energy a new calendar brings, it’s fresh and new and full of potential. just waiting for me to fill it up with wonderful things!

Speaking of Pinterest boards…… I have one for the Year of Jewelry Project, I started it last year so don’t let the dozen or so posts fool you I’ve only posted the one bracelet so far this year.  It’s here if you want to see.  https://www.pinterest.com/winddancerspin/a-year-of-jewelry/