Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What’s on the Desk Today

Wind Dancer Studios: Captured Hearts

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post on what’s new around here and I thought it might be a good time to share.

As you know I’ve been taking new photos of those items I’m listing on Amazon and some of those photos have found their way into their sister listings on Etsy. I have to say it’s giving me little glimpses of a look I think I really like. 

Even though both shops share listings I want each storefront to have it’s own unique offerings as well. To do that I’ve had to come up with a few pieces to put exclusively on Amazon.

So far I have some skinny bangles in aluminum and copper. While I was trying to get a decent photo of one of the necklaces I offer on Etsy I thought “maybe I should just remake this one, it’s just not hanging the way I want it to.” Which is REALLY funny because I had at least 10 good photos of it by that time! Shows you just how tired I was after taking over 500 photos lol

Wind Dancer Studios: Captured Hearts

You might remember the hubs bought me a pretty good sized baggie of gemstone hearts from an estate sale some time back. Yup, I have THE best hubs ever! He buys some really fun tools for me too!! I’ve since transferred all those hearts from the baggie to a mason jar tied with a ribbon which sits on my desk just as pretty as can be. I caught those hearts out of the corner of my eye and knew they were just the thing for a remake so I grabbed my jar…….. a hammer, my torch, and a dapping block……

Wind Dancer Studios: Captured Hearts

Wind Dancer Studios: Captured Hearts

….. and I made these! The fun thing is I can keep making these until I run out of hearts in the jar and I get a really cute necklace for my HandMade Shop on Amazon and if you want, you can even pick your heart!

I’m really happy with my Caged Hearts and you’ll be able to find them exclusively on Amazon just as soon as I get them listed.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Creating Cohesion From Chaos

MagPie Approved: Wind Dancer Studios, Copper Butterfly
Copper Butterfly available in my Etsy

I’ve been working on creating cohesion in my shop for some time now. It’s a process, no doubt about it. I knew I could use a little help not just in defining what I wanted that to mean but in keeping that cohesion once I found it. We all ooh and ah over the next greatest everything, and while I don’t necessarily chase each and every butterfly that flits by, I do meander along in complete awe on occasion.

Last Winter/Spring I joined in on B’Sues Build a Line Master Class. It was three months of Master Minding, research, defining and creating. I found that thing that I do no matter what I make, I found the well spring of my inspiration and was able to finally put my thumb on what I needed to bring cohesion.

The last couple of weeks everything I’ve sold on Amazon, I created during my Build a Line participation. I resisted some of the ideas Brenda had presented to us and Amazon insisted on them. Once I implemented them I started making sales first day. I respect Brenda’s knowledge, she’s very laid back in her methodology, she’s quirky and bubbly, but don’t let that fool you. She knows what it takes.

MagPie Approved: Wind Dancer Studios, Vintage Style Brooch
Brooch available in my Etsy

I made a brooch during that time, cute little thing. Brooches are making a comeback, so far so good, I like being ahead of the trend. Then the other day Brenda says “the key to selling brooches is to have matching earrings”  ……what? Runs into studio, tinkers……. tadaaa!  Earrings to make a nice set with the brooch!  

MagPie Approved: Wind Dancer Studios, Vintage Style Brooch w. Earring Set
Brooch w/Matching Earrings

Brenda is offering the class again this coming year, if you’re looking for that little something and would enjoy a Master Mind group I can recommend this one.  Build A Line Master Class

While we’re at it. I’ve mentioned before I was a Business Management major in college, and I’ve looked at the different coaching programs around the web, then I realized they were all telling me to do what I already knew. I know I also told you about Marie Forleo at the time but this feels like a good time to remind you she has great marketing and business advice.  You can find her here and on You Tube.

One last business resource courtesy of Brenda’s business board on Pinterest. Debbie of Work Your Art has an email checklist she sends out - her site says weekly but I only seem to get them every other week. It’s ok valuable stuff anyway, I like the blog and the to do lists they’re great reminders to keep working.

Now I’m off to take MORE photos, yup I’m getting more of those pieces I had planned for Amazon puled together and am also trying to get a more cohesive look for the shop on Etsy, there’s that word again!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Goings On....

MagPie Approved: Wind Dancer Studios,  Copper Rose

I’ve been hinting at lots of things keeping my attention away from blogging and making. I’ll admit it one too many things in the air and something is bound to get dropped, I know my limits and while I do push them they always push back lol So today, I’ll tell you about a couple of those wonderful things that have been perking around and about.

One: College finances have had me running in circles. My youngest is about to graduate, he’s been on scholarship this whole time but one of the rules to his scholarship is you apply for a Pell grant. They want to be sure you have every financial opportunity to help you succeed. This year the rules have changed a little bit on the University side of things, they want a whole lot more paperwork and we’ve had to jump through hoops as we’re self employed and just don’t have the paper work they’re asking for. I have provided all the alternatives necessary but it’s a pain to have to go round and round (especially when it’s ALL on file already) and it’s just emotionally draining and pretty stressful when they start talking about making him drop because the paperwork isn’t in order. But, he’s graduating this year! woo! I'm so Proud of the kid! He’s worked very hard for this.

MagPie Approved: the kiddo Rtistic Impressions on Etsy Paige Hickey Pottery
Paige's Pottery She's on Etsy too HERE

Two the kiddo, my middle, graduated last school year, has finally gotten her kilns (yes TWO of them!) and has been ordering all the goodies she needs to get up and running. We have boxes everywhere right now, it almost looks like Christmas has come and gone! I’m excited for her, she’s been a little down, not being able to play in the mud but her face is becoming full of happy again and that makes me very happy! — first firing delayed there’s a problem with the plunger that turns the kiln on/off and the second kiln has the wrong plug, both fixable just means a few more days until her first firing, and she has boxes of clay calling her name. 

Three, The Artisan Group. I joined nearly a year ago. I’ve sat back and watched how things were done. Felt overwhelmed at times, felt so not ready at others and I have learned quite a bit. Enough so that I  took the plunge and sent some things in to stylists for Bones and Mariah Carey’s newest movie project. I have no idea at this point if either will use what I sent, but it’s very exciting for me to even be considered.

Four Amazon! I’m thrilled to announce HandMade at Amazon is now Live! You’ll now be able to find me there as well as on Etsy. This has thrilled and scared me simultaneously and so far it’s a been very very good thing!  I’ve been contemplating Amazon for quite some time now, I’m thrilled they’ve opened Hand Made and that I’ve taken the plunge. I’ve made several sales already and I gotta say I’m really enjoying that! I get the feeling this is just the tip of the ice burg….. lots of good things coming!    My Shop:  Wind Dancer Studios

It is by no means finished, I’ve taken over 400 photos, edited most of them and have only managed to list a handful of items. But, now I want to overhaul my Etsy too. After 400 clean no prop photos, my Etsy storefront feels….. cluttered. So my mission is to continue loading Amazon with pretties I think will do well there and now freshening the look on Etsy. Eventually I think I may want them to be unified in look and that may keep me busy for quite some time! 

And now that we're mid-way through October I really need to get my mind wrapped around the upcoming holidays.  Pull together some wonderful handmade goodness to share with you.  I've been sharing my inspirations lately, I think holiday gifting ideas will blend nicely. I hope you've had a chance to see all those gorgeous photos I've been sharing on my FaceBook page if you haven't, why not? lol 

So that's just some of what's been going on around here, never a dull moment it seems. 

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

of Photography and Neutral Backgrounds

MagPie Approved: the art of Juggling and Keeping it all up in the Air
MultiTasking the To Do List

With the pending launch of Amazon’s Handmade I’ve  been up to my ears in retaking photos for those pieces I intend to offer.  My camera died just in time for Amazon to give the thumbs up for setting up shop.  The kiddo as you know graduated Fine Arts with a focus in ceramics, but she started out a photo journalism major. The kid has a camera! Kiddo to the rescue, this is no point and shoot and I have zero familiarity wth it. She set it up for me, showed me how to manually focus and was gone. Some 200+ pics later the battery needed recharging and that leaves me time to write this, and descriptions and SKU’s and sort through possible posts for my FB page— multitasking getting just a little bit of everything done all at once lol

MagPie Approved: Wind Dancer Studios Green Dangles, Amazon Handmade
Long Green Dangles

Amazon has asked for white to neutral backgrounds no props. Neutral no props is not a problem, I’ve got antique linens, burlap and hand thrown pottery (kiddo again!) that serves quite nicely. 

MagPie Approved: Wind Dancer Studios Copper Bangles, Amazon Handmade
Wind Dancer Studios: Copper Bangles

White however, takes quite a bit more work. I’ve got a poster board that makes for a great back ground but it has a slightly reflective surface and a purple shirt during the photo shoot makes a pretty water color effect but…. I’m looking for a uniform white.

I managed the sliders well enough to get some of the photos to cooperate when Marica mentioned Foto Fuse. As we discussed it I realized  it works much the same way as PS Elements does using the magic selection tool and a paint bucket. 

MagPie Approved: Wind Dancer Studios Black Dangles, comparison editors
Photo Editor Comparisons

In the true form of an artist facing pending deadlines I researched all three methods for the better part of an afternoon. The kiddo observing this and now has a healthier self esteem - Mom does it too! lol  Here’s what I found:

I’m on a Mac Book, iPhoto was the photo software installed for many years, the newest updates are Photos minus i. It brought back some of the functionality that was lost along the way and just takes a little play time to figure out what each slider does and doesn’t do.

If you take the time you can create a very natural white background with soft shadows and a hint of reflection.

PS Elements,  I’m still running 9, is much the same however shortcuts and time savers were what I was hoping for so I elected to use the magic wand to select the jewelry then a paint bucket of white to douse the background. That worked great! Only problem is it’s fairly resource intensive and tends to unexpectedly quit after just two or three photos. There is a tool that works just like Foto Fuse for deleting backgrounds, I just couldn’t remember what to click to get to it.

Foto Fuse allows you to upload a pic, or import it from Etsy (spent a little time playing with that feature too!), hi light the area to be saved and deletes the background. With a little adjusting of brush sizes this works very nicely. Sometimes it looks a little unnatural but overall it’s the fastest method and is a good alternative when facing a time crunch.

I’m using a combination of the two. If I can get a natural white with Photos I’m good, but if it still has a hint of cast to it off to Foto Fuse it goes. I do actually like the water color effect so I’ve kept a copy of those as a secondary photo.

As for the product in use for size reference photos - the kiddo has stalled in her promised life size portrait for me….. she doesn’t like the size of her mouth, the one she drew. So I’ll wait until she does.

I’m off to write descriptions, create SKU’s and maybe make a few things as the battery is still charging. 

Have a great day!
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