Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party 6 Reveal

I absolutely adore the soup Jean sent. These beads are so gorgeous I could do just about anything with them and walk out with something breath taking! Beads this gorgeous really take the pressure off and allow you to play. I sketched up design ideas immediately and I’m so glad I did because somehow I managed to completely load my wagon.

Already having those sketches allowed me to deal with everything else I had going on, Go me! I had a plan and I was getting things done! Even the what ifs didn’t slow me down too terribly bad. I managed to get that gorgeous Anne Choi bead finished with only minor modifications.

Yup I was doing great, then I heard it, thunder in the distance. We have had 100+ degree temperatures since the first week of May and very little rain. Thunder was a welcome sound. I got up looked out the window and could see the rain off in the distance and heading in our direction. Then the wind. No rain means the trees are brown and the leaves were swirling as if it were autumn. That much wind worried me for a moment but I had a necklace to finish. I sat down to work and flash, boom, darkness, no power.

We picked up take out for dinner, ate by candlelight, and the kids headed off to their respective lap tops. My oldest checks on the estimated return of power..... 6 am noooooo Tomorrow is picture day, write the blog post day. It is not finish the necklace day! Armed with a flash light I headed into the darkness of my office. I wrapped beaded links and made up my chain by the light of my flash light! With only a couple inches to go the power came back on and I was able to play with LOS at midnight!

A little reminder of those beautiful baubles Jean sent.
They immediately set my mind to a Garden and my inspiration board was born and designs sketched out in no time at all
So without further ado what you’ve come to see...... My Garden Gate

I had to set the first pic in the garden these Iris bloom in two tone and set the mood for the Anne Choi bead.

The Earthenwood escutcheon inspired an ensemble of pieces, the Key in scrolls reminiscent of iron work gates. A simple beaded chain of Amethyst and turkish silver and of course a bee with multiple strands of color lined glass seed beads and a sprinkling of Amethysts too.

And the Anne Choi bead. A focal in its own right - all a person really needed to do was string it and it would be worthy of any occasion. I chose instead to bring forth the beauty of her Iris and frame the bead instead. The Labradorite Jean sent has amazing flash, each and every single one of them. To achieve the two tone Iris I paired them with Amethyst and Blue Onyx ovals. Simply weaving leaves to finish the frame.

I do hope you have enjoyed your stay with me today. Please stop by JEANS BLOG and take a peek at her reveal - I’m on my way there right now! See you there!!

Jeans blog in case my hyper link didn’t work...
Don’t forget to drop by Lori’s blog and say Hi! and Thank you for hosting another awesome party! Enjoy the rest of the Hop !!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


No not yet! The reveal isn't for another 4 days yet.
Four days - my the time flies!
I still haven't finished my piece for the Iris bead....time to panic?
nooo I still have plenty of time to finish.
Might be pushing it for getting a good photo though. eeks
I'm pleased with my pieces so far and so hope you will be too. Please do come back on Saturday to see the big reveal!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wow! What a busy month I'm having!!
Bead Soup - reveal is in less the 10 days.
I was the forum host for our monthly draw on About's Jewelry Making site -
Congrats Susan!!
I've finally gotten around to papering my kitchen ceiling -same look as tin but minus the price tag. I'm about half way done 2 or 3 more days and we'll be waiting on hubs to cut some trim
Annnnd.... Today is Paige's birthday! Happy Birthday!! Ruby Reds to celebrate!

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The beads, those wonderful little spices that make the soup soooo good!

I know I usually post on Tuesdays, I apologize for my delay. I had an uninvited guest in my bed the other night, a scorpion. The little harbinger of havoc stung me six or seven times before I could get back out of bed. Not a fun way to wake up. Being allergic to these types of things I had Benadryl on hand but that leaves me in a stupor for some time. I knew I had things I wanted or needed to do, just couldn't remember what those things were.

I loved this photo Jean had shared on her wall so much that I pulled out just about every bead I had that would work in that palette! I actually had to remind myself that Jean was supposed to create something not me!


Don't you just love the colors!!

Jean's spices are rich and full bodied themselves. Gorgeous focals, luscious gems, and beautiful colors - a feast for the eyes!

Just look at the flash on those Labradorite brios! And the sparkle in the Amethyst! Such gorgeousness! Both focals are floral in nature (pun intended!) and that bee clasp, so cool! I love them!
No surprise then that my inspiration board is titled GARDEN GATE. You can click on either the title or the soup to visit my board. My designs are sketched out and I'm just debating the size wire I want to use before I get started. I'm really looking forward to the way the designs play out in my hands and the reveal, both Jean's and mine!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bead Soup! - Jeans Beads

My partner as I said before is Jean Yates. She has this wonderful high energy and the more we talk the more I find out we have in common.
I know she has thanked Lori for pairing us up, but I don't think I have.
Thank you Lori!

I spent some time looking through her shop
Browsing her Flick'r and reading her blog.
I think I have gotten a sense of her style, her jewelry is all so full of joy and whimsy. For her soup ingredients, I was very inspired by a photo she shared on her Facebook wall. It was in some of her favorite colors so I ran with it. Jean is quite accomplished and challenging that can be tough, hopefully the beads I chose provides some challenge for her and in a good way. I have to say, I've decided I definitely need to make something in these colors myself, they are gorgeous!

I also sent along a small token of friendship. I do hope she likes it and her soup too!

Please be sure to stop by and visit Jean in her ETSY and her BLOG, you won't be sorry you did!!

See ya next time!