Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Master Bath Mural

Here she is! I may tweak a little more later. I'm not entirely in love with her lips and she may need a little more shading but that can wait for the time being. I am happy with her for now!


I have to say, it's been kind of fun watching her morph on the camera. Though I did have a moment of panic this afternoon. I cut my toe while I was adding a touch of high light to her face and had pretty much obliterated ALL of the shading. But I was concentrating on not bleeding all over everything and I didn't really notice until I uploaded the photos - ack!

Three new sketches for some gorgeous filigree on the desk! End of year book work is actually getting done lol Signed up for Bead Soup Seven ..... It's going to be HUGE! Monstrously HUGE!! Over 500 people signed up this time!! I thought my eyes were going cross reading all the blogs last time! This is going to be FUN!

I guess I should get some sanding done in the front hallway, the laundry room and the weight room. Then maybe I can get some more painting done and curtains sewn and hung downstairs.

Obviously no rest here! Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!
See you next time!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sign Ups for Bead Soup Seven are under way!

and YES I did sign up! It is ALWAYS a blast!

On the HomeFront: I still (yes still) need to finish the face of my mural. She is looking beautiful but had to take a back seat while the tub was installed and then the sink. I waited for the support wall to go in on the front of the tub but it hasn't happened yet - I think I might just have to start painting again for that to happen! I've uploaded the in progress pics I have to my daughters computer. I can at least give you a couple in progress photos, right?

On the Desk: I actually finished a UFO this week! I know!! The pieces have been sitting in that little triangular tray for over a year. I am so excited to have it finished, it's such a sweet little bracelet. No pics yet, I only finished last night and have been playing on Pinterest today. I know bad me. Not really I love iron work, I have pieces of it all over my house (you see it in my pics all the time!) it translates into wire so well that I decided to create an inspiration board of just iron. I think I blogged about actually cleaning off the desk - maybe that was a FB status update oops any way I said I had actually gotten it cleaned off and of course already had a couple projects ready to go. I had a custom order I needed to finish, then the UFO and now this piece - HEAVILY inspired by the iron. I have another UFO I'm really ready to get to and I want this piece finished up before I begin so my desk can be devoted to what I'm working on.

But Dana, Bead Soup is on the counter waiting for a sprinkling of inspiration. Yes and I have a dead computer that needs to be boxed up. I think it's safe to say after four months it isn't going to spontaneously turn back on. I know, I've been trying. Once it's boxed up my computer desk will be - an empty surface. Since I have decided I like the mobility of Paige's laptop and do believe I'd like one for my own, I don't think the desk is going to fill back up with computer. I'm also looking at rearranging the furniture in there just a hair to free up even more space. So no worries, I got it covered! Huge grin!

Sneak Peeks at the mural these are IN PROGRESS shots NOT the final thing....

Wraps around three walls with no stenciling all free hand. I did use the painters tape as a straight edge - I can paint but I can't draw a straight line lol Even with the tape I managed to get it crooked. Still needs a couple touch ups and her face and hair need finishing. I forgot to put her other arm in - it is in my sketch but somehow didn't make it onto the wall. Debating whether she really needs it, would be something of a pain to tuck in to the white of her gown and match skin tone at this point.

Thanks for stopping in and listening to(or reading) my ramblings. If you liked the in progress shots I may consider doing more - we still have a few projects to finish up around here. Cabinets and tiling, pine flooring, etc etc
See ya next time!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Been a couple weeks, but I am still here....

Just been keeping busy on this end and time slips away from me on weeks like that.

On the home front: Hubs has finally decided it's time to hook up the Whirlpool bath YAY!! however I was in the middle of painting a mural on the wall above the tub.... Pics of mural soon, promise! In fact, now that I'm trying to write a blog post he's decided to pull the tub so I could work on mural while he runs for parts. Isn't that the way?! lol

So keeping this short.... Lori Anderson of Bead Soup fame is hosting another blog hop. Memories and Thanks. I had intended on participating in this one but got busy and I knew I'd be completely overwhelmed had I added one more thing to my plate. Do visit, it's a wonderful way to give thanks to those who lift you and memorialize those who left too soon.

I'm off! Need to get those paintbrushes whirring!!
Thanks for stopping by!
See you next time!