Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On the Desk......

Let me start by apologizing for no new pics. I'm still using Paige's laptop and I haven't uploaded my camera to it yet. I have several pieces I need to list so I'll be retaking photos sometime this week. I think I'll take a peek into my shop and see which pieces need a refresher while I'm at it too.

On the Desk is a little some thing special this week. Christmas! For those of us who hand craft our gifts the time to create is here! I have goodies to make for the forum swap and Christmas gifts, and........ Alex wants to make crosses for a couple friends this year. Usually he wants ME to make them, I've called him my best repeat customer many times :) But this year, he wants me to TEACH HIM how to make them! I'm so excited, I love sharing wire working with my kids!

I don't remember if I mentioned here that I had picked up some new toys when I ran to Hobby Lobby with Paige. I've been playing with those toys and having so much fun! I also broke out the saw and made up a small coil for sawn jump rings. can I just say WOW!! The difference in the rings is amazing, no recutting anything. It's just like the difference from regular cutters to flush cutters. Playing with new tools always make me so happy!

In the Garden this week.... now that the temps have fallen below 100 the tomato plant has finally decided to grow. After producing a whopping TWO tomatoes this year it is now covered in blooms and small fruit. I hope a few get big enough to pick before the frost gets them. Garden fresh veggies were missed around here this year. Between the record heat and the drought I'm lucky I even have a tomato plant and am looking forward to a harvest.

On the Home Front I'm beginning texturing in my bathroom! Walls should be ready for paint by this weekend! It would be ready now, but I forgot the ceiling had that awful fiberglass wrapped sheet rock Lowe's was selling for awhile. My poor face was itchy and swollen for a few days after sanding it. sigh

Parent/Teacher conferences were last night. Alex has nearly all A's, two B's. One last conference this spring and then no more. All my babies are grown up, it happens so fast! I swear they were all just in Kindergarten last year.

All in all, itchy face aside, it has been a great week! Thanks for letting me share with you and I hope your week - minus the itchy face - is just as good!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Best Laid Plans

I had mentioned in an earlier post I had wanted to start writing daily. While I hadn't quite gotten the habit of daily down I did have quite a bit written. During the blog hop Jean, so full of faith in me, suggested I write. I was writing and it was just starting to really become cohesive. I was actually feeling pretty good about it, adding to it little by little.

Then my computer died. Thursday evening the power went out, and Friday morning when I tried to turn on my poor little Mac, nada. Nothing. Zilch.

Macs are awesome little machines, in the past 20+ years I've owned three, each lasting roughly seven years. As awesome a little machine as a Mac is, it's still a machine and does have limited life. I know this, and I do back up files. In fact, most of my files have been backed up. Most.

Just not my writing or my most recent pictures. It's been a couple months since I've backed anything up. I knew my Mac was running on limited time and I knew I needed to get the last couple of months files backed up, but..... I just didn't seem to get it done.

It's a heavy expense month so I'm not sure when the extra funds to replace my computer will become available. I'm hoping by Christmas. In the meantime, my daughter has graciously set up a profile for me on her laptop. She also chided me for not using Google Docs. hangs head

I am very thankful to Paige for sharing her laptop with me, but I don't want to monopolize it. I'm keeping my morning routine roughly the same, check e-mail and Etsy and then puttering around the house. Checking mail again in the afternoon before the kiddo gets home from college. I guess I should hit Google docs and start over, little by little.

On the bright side, this does force me to manage my time on the computer. I can be the queen of wasted time when I'm staring at a monitor! But I suppose that's true of anything. Well, I should get off of here. I have a bathroom wall awaiting tape and texture.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012


I've mentioned my favorite blog before. Brass Tack Thinking Todays post is just pretty inspiring. It's one of those "I just knew I could" stories.

Someone somewhere decided that an inspiring story had to be about overcoming adversity and this post has a touch of that too but the true inspiration comes in the form of I just knew I could.

Haven't we all done something that someone else thought impossible or improbable? But we just knew it would work and so we just did. And it did, and life was great and we just didn't get the fuss. Right?

Well if you haven't, you really should try it and you really should read this post.

The guy swam 1000 miles with no special training. He just knew he could. Seriously! He knew he could swim 10 meters, so 1000 miles was a gimme. Even if it meant just swimming 10 meters at a time.

Is that not brilliant? We can all do pretty much anything a little at a time can't we? And that is what makes him so inspiring.

Let's all pick one thing we REALLY want to do but have been holding back on because the big picture was so darn intimidating. Now, what would we need to do to get from here to there? Break it down into manageable tasks. How much time will you need to achieve your first block of tasks? Set a goal and a goal date and lets do this!

I want my house finished by August and I have some writings I've been working on I would like to gel and be a little more cohesive. I've kicked around the Need to Do's but haven't actually written them down as a check list, I think it's time.

What about you? Have anything you'd like to share? Feel free to comment, if it's important to you - it's worth doing!

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Things You Should Never Discuss in Polite Company


I think there were others but these are the ones that stick with me and I've tried to live by that rule. What makes it worse is it really seems these days all three of those are so intertwined that you can't avoid one if you make the mistake of mentioning one of the others!

I've made the mistake of not following that rule twice this week. TWICE bash me in the head now! Seriously when people ask your opinion, they don't really want your opinion. They want an affirmation of THEIR opinion, it's human nature and I KNOW this and yet I still offer my opinion.

The question was Who Do You Think Won The Debate? Not who you wanted to, but actually won.
To win a debate one must sway anothers opinion to your side. So my answer was: No One Won.
Let the name calling begin. And folks, I do know what those big words mean.
Apparently what I actually thought wasn't an acceptable answer as it was not an affirmation of the other posters opinions. I will say I did make the mistake of bringing up Big Bird in my answer as part of my reasoning. Believe it or not that turned into a homophobic rant. I was stunned! A perpetual 3 yo puppet as the target of a rant of that nature. Really? Which one is NOT like the other?

Just one more month, all I have to do is hang in there one more month and hopefully all my friends and their friends will return to nice people again. I miss them and I really do not like all the hateful spew being bantered around as if it were acceptable behavior. It's not and my heart hurts for the awful things I'm seeing!

I'm seriously considering a break from the internet. I have my shop to take care of and that's enough online time for me. I can write my blog posts offline, as I'm doing now. Post when I pop on to check on my shop. My poor computer is getting tired anyway it could probably use the break as well.

Bless your hearts.
See you next time.