Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Creatively Speaking.......

I feel as though I'm in a bit of a slump. I'm not sure why, I have plenty of ideas and many many more sketches ready to go but I just don't feel like making anything.....so I signed up for Lori Anderson's bead hoarders blog hop. No swapping involved in this one, just the willingness to dig into your stash and find some little bit of "precious" you've been holding onto for "Just the Right Project" You know the ones, you just HAD to buy it, it was soooo gorgeous - too gorgeous to actually use or just too cool and when you got home realized it was in a style you don't do, or the idea in your head was above your expertise level or in a technique you really wanted to learn but haven't yet - yup those beads! I have a few of those too lol What better way to jumpstart the process than to just do??


So I got to digging and here's what I found in my stash. An Aventurine donut (I have TWO) there for awhile it seemed everyone was doing these really cool things with donuts. I could never quite wrap my head around a design so never bought one. Then I won one, so I thought maybe I just hadn't really tried to design anything and pulled together an inspiration board, inspired me enough to BUY a second one. Never followed through on the design …. hangs head, I know BUT it gives me a pretty to work with in the hop!


Item number two a vintage strand of plastic pearls - this has been in my stash for DECADES!! They're pretty, I used some to make a crown for my oldest daughters Halloween costume way back when and back into the stash they went, I can't even remember the original reason I have them, given to me, bought, I don't know. They could just as easily be a sacrificed strand, I had at one time several strands of vintage "pearl" necklaces that I had picked up at the GoodWill draped over my vanity mirror - they're on the wall over the sewing machine now :) Anyway, all the cup chain designs floating around right now (I swear sometimes it seems like people are plucking ideas from my head lol) have given me a few ideas to kick around.


Third in my stash is this sweet key. My son bought this for me for Christmas a couple years ago, it is loved but not a clue as what to do with it - My Aunt likes to shop estate sales and sends some of her finds my way. This charm holder was part of an over tight hand made necklace - I think possibly used as an eye glass holder but the pattern in the design is a perfect match to the key! I took my saw to the key before I thought to take pics and I don't want to stress the key by removing it again just for the sake of a before shot so keep in mind these were two separate pieces before I decided they NEEDED to be together!

Depending on how quickly I can design and make I may add more but considering the donut and the key are something of a challenge for me already I'm going to stick to only committing to these three for now and hope I have enough time to really do them and the hop justice.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Wire Goddess Team

I'm on the Wire Goddess Team on Etsy. It's a group of wonderfully talented wire workers, their art works are ever inspiring and I'm proud to be among them.

Todays post (making up for missing last week!) is brought to you from one of our members. It's been awhile since I've shared a treasury and this one is worth a share.

Don't you just love the King Arthur Bear? and that jewelry, just gorgeous isn't it? Little works of art :)

Oh, btw, my new computer arrived yesterday! Paige has been wonderful sharing hers with me for the last eight months and as a small thank you I bought her some hand spun yarn and decals for each of our laptops so we can tell them apart. Since her birthday is coming I had her do a little shopping around for what she wants while she was at it :) It's been a very good day!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Care to Dance?

As you know my poor old Mac died back in October ....sighs, I loved my Mac but it was seven years old and even the best Mac is still a machine and parts fail. At the time my younger daughter had just bought a new Mac laptop and so has been letting me share with her. In essence I broke in her new computer, she is such a good kid! well......... Guess what I just did??

If you guessed just bought a new Mac... you're right!! I probably could have saved a little money and bought another desktop - we know from experience they last 7-10 yrs. Longer if you don't mind the os being obsolete, my old 90's Bondi Blue still works, it just GROWLS and takes its time, freezes at will and is generally too old to do ANYTHING online lol But, having used a laptop for the last several months I have gotten quite used to being mobile and I like it! Judging by the length of time my kids have had their Mac lap tops I feel safe in making this Mac purchase and I am soooo excited!

Order confirmation estimates I should have my new baby in 2 or 3 days!! Happy Dancing with me yet? If not, why not??

Keeping this weeks post short and also apologizing for missing last week! oops!! Not really sure how I managed that, I was busy but not THAT busy, guess time just got away from after having prescheduled several posts before. I should write a few posts and keep them in draft for times like this. I think I've said that before, might actually be a good idea!

I'm off! Thanks for stopping by! See ya next time!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

What a Very Nice Start to my Week!

I log on to the computer to check my mail this morning and I notice a convo from Etsy.  In short: I've blogged about your wirework. How nice is that?! Thank you!

Love My Art Jewelry: Using wire creatively