Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Cleaning

The weather has been beautiful lately causing a small "I need to do some spring cleaning" urge. Being as it was so nice, I thought I might do a little weeding but it hit 80 a little faster than I thought it would and ended up mulching what I weeded the other day instead. I shred old catalogs, junk mail etc and use it as a weed mat, when I ran out I headed into the studio and started shredding the stack of last years and older catalogs. Once I had a full bag ready to go I wasn't quite ready to stop the cleaning up effort and well - I mentioned a couple weeks ago I had decided I needed to reorganize my stash, that's just what I did! It feels so much cleaner in there and I can actually find my beads again! Want to hear something funny? Had I cleaned when I said I decided to, I wouldn't have needed to buy any seeds for the corsage!! lol I already had the colors, but my seeds were in three different spots and I couldn't see what colors I already had. Oh well, I have a very nice range of soft pinks now!

Quickie post today, those finals are stressing Paige and I don't want to add to it by monopolizing her computer for too long.
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PS the roses are starting to bloom!! Paige and Elena picked a small spring bouquet of wild Verbena from the side of the driveway too and it smells heavenly! Take time to smell a spring bouquet yourself, doesn't matter if it comes from the garden, drive way or florist. Flowers can always brighten up your day.

Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Finals Week Next Week....

Sooo I have very limited time on Paige's computer until finals are over and done with. Term papers! On the bright side, the job we've been waiting on to get started has FINALLY started!!! Yay! Hopefully this means I'll be getting my new computer sooner rather than later!

As prom was this last weekend I thought you might like to see the finished corsage.

Close Up Finished Corsage


Don't they look good together?

Unfortunately he was exhausted, getting very little sleep the night before and ducked out on after prom JUST BEFORE they called his name to win an iPad! awww, and he could use a new computer too. Such is the way.

The school year is winding down, finals and award ceremonies are gearing up, Graduation for my baby is in just a couple weeks. Time to buy stock in Kleenex people! I was plenty teary eyed when he got his drivers license! lol

Thanks so much for stopping by! I have gorgeous Iris' in bloom in the garden today. Here's to an equal amount of beauty in your life today as well.
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Quickie Update = Boutonniere

Still working on corsage and boutonniere, just popping my head up long enough to show an in progress pic of the boutonniere. It still needs a pin, debating on which way to pin it :)

Corsage is coming along nicely. The beaded rose still needs a couple more petals and then I think we're ready for assembly. Debating on making it a wristlet......two nights and two days to go.


Well, I'd better get back to work!
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's Prom Time Once Again

and it's our last one to boot. My baby is a Senior in High School this year. He would like the corsage to be special.

Roses to match her dress.

She would like his boutonniere to match her corsage.

So I get to make both this year. The original idea was to bead Roses in the same way I did the Stargazer for his date several years ago. While I think that will be beautiful for her, it might be just the tiniest bit feminine for him, even with the woven copper edging. What to do?

What most of you don't know is way back in December I decided I would write a tutorial for you, my blog readers. Then I was asked to write a tutorial for a magazine. I was so excited I of course said yes! and promptly gave them the one I had planned for the blog. It still hasn't published - but, if I scaled it up just a bit it would be perfect for a boutonniere..... and that is what I did!

Copper Roses

Now we have a rose delicate enough for her and masculine enough for him! Her corsage will feature the beaded rose with woven edging and have smaller copper buds. His will feature a copper rose and beaded babies breath to match hers. Problem solved!

Now, the big dilemma. I haven't mastered a pretty seam when it comes to soldering yet. Do I chance a messy weld on the stem? I could hide any blotchiness with a ribbon, or by plating. But do I want to? I have time to think on that one a bit. I have a beaded rose to finish, babies breath to make up, and some ribboning to do still while I wait on some gorgeous Bead Caps from Fusion Beads to show up, I thought they looked just right for the base of the rose! Which is another option for hiding any messiness, hmmm

In case you were wondering.... Alex's rose is one inch in diameter, one and three quarter tall, and is made of one single piece of copper. Jade's rose is one inch and made of three pieces. The leaves vary in size with the longest being two inches.

While I'm beading and pondering my garden is waking up. I take my leave while giving you a pic of a real flower....

Purple IrisViolet

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