Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Dragon

Dragon's Eye by Wind Dancer Studios
Dragon's Eye by Wind Dancer Studios

Oh my it's been a long time since I've posted!

I've had no heart to write or create and I hate to admit it but there were even times I had no heart to go on living. But I did, strength comes when you need it most and I have far more than I ever imagined. I had forgotten how truly blessed I am, and  I am blessed in so many ways.

I finally feel like it's time to create again. Yay! That thought alone makes me happy, makes my hands happy, makes my soul happy. I'm planning a little playtime in my studio today, thought I'd make a dragon fly.  And a dragonfly too :)

Another poem for you to tide you over until I share a new pretty.

The Dragon

T’was time to slay the dragon
on a quest she did go.

Ferocity in her heart and eyes
but little did she know.

The dragon she was out to slay
was her very own ego.

She thought the dragon
was a criminal but she was just a seed.

Planted by the fears she’d known
sown by a need.

She thought she could slay it
by treating it like a weed.

But weeds you know have many seeds
and plant themselves with ease.

On a journey into her heart and soul
was the only path it seemed.

The journey was a long one
filled with darkness, pain, and malaise.

She held onto the fear like a rope
through both the nights and days.

Slowly letting loose the grip
feeling it slip away.

Finally realizing it was fear
that had pushed him away.

But the dragon was
not yet slain.

Til Next time!
Thanks so much for sticking around!
I promise new pretties for you next post!