Tuesday, June 15, 2010

That Extra Mile

Our bread and butter business is construction, more specifically heavy equipment. We clear land to ready it for building, dig holes for pools, build small roads and driveways, etc.

We recently did some work for John Daly. When we received the check it was highly personalized with a photo of him on a golf course in full swing. That's not what this post is about, but it is what started this line of thought.

Customer service - going above and beyond what is expected.

Now I've seen personalized checks before, but this was above and beyond stock photos and a quote. This was a highly customized and personalized check specifically made for him. That is customer service, not just doing the job, but doing it above and beyond.

When I was growing up, my parents had a Salon, my Dad was a barber and my Mom a stylist.
There was never a charge for washing your hair before cutting or styling, that was a part of their customer service. When I had my own Salon, I did the same. Other Salons charged extra, not me. One of the best parts of having your hair done is someone else washing your hair for you. It just feels good to get that little massage. Why wouldn't you want your customers to feel good while in your chair? They're already there, why not give a little something extra - Good Customer Service.

Most supplies arrive in a plastic bag, if it's a larger company and they believe in customer service, you get a hand written Thank you and some tissue paper. But that little bit of extra time it takes to hand write a Thank you note is above and beyond.

I have a friend whose Mom sells supplies on Etsy, I've purchased from her a couple times. The first time was purely out of support for my friend and her Mom. The second? She believes in good customer service! Going above and beyond, she had put a little something extra in with my order. She didn't stop there either, it all came wrapped up in a nice little organza bag. I will shop with her again!

I can't imagine why any one wouldn't want to give you their best customer service. Giving a little extra feels as good to the giver as it does the receiver.

Until next time! Dana

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