Monday, December 12, 2011

What's on the Desk..Getting Ready for the Holidays... Week 5 The Art Gallery

Todays cameras are equipped with a million megapixels - well maybe not that many, but enough to give you very crisp family and vacation photos. The real kick to all those megapixels is they allow you to print large poster sized images without losing that crispness.

There are probably as many photo editors out there as there are cameras so I'm not going to get into editing your photos other than to say crop out all that extra stuff you weren't looking at when you snapped the photo but the camera saw and captured anyway :) Now you have the main focus of your image and most likely a really cool shot too.

You can print that out on glossy paper at home or at a photo kiosk, or you can use some photo transfer paper and get that awesome photo put on canvas! Find yourself a great frame and depending on your subject you've got a gallery photo/portrait shot. If you're feeling adventurous there's a tutorial out there on the web ( for printing directly on the canvas. Or if you're feeling adventurous transfer it onto a piece of wood!

Now take that same concept and this time blow up your photo to a large enough size that the printer needs to break it up into four pages. This is a great way to get those gallery shots of a sunset :) Use pre-stretched canvas paint your edges black (or a complementary color or print the photo at a size where it can overlap the edges) and hang on the wall with a little space in between.

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Collect Artist Trading cards? Find smaller identical frames and hang together in a block of 3 x 4 or however many you can fit inside a great vintage frame - instant mini art gallery!

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

If your children are very creative and the fridge isn't quite the spectacular display their art work deserves, here's another idea for your Gallery Display. Group vintage frames together on the wall and display their artwork in a way it deserves, complete with a photo of the artist and short bio! Your kids will LOVE it, so will their Grandparents and anyone else who gets the pleasure of seeing it!

Frames can be found here:
and here:

Art Work can be found here:

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