Friday, August 17, 2012

Busy, busy?

I subscribe to Brass Tack Thinking, it's one of my favorite blogs. Every time Amber write a new post it shows up in my mail box and I tend to read it first over everything else. Well, unless my Mom or kids e-mail then they get priority :)

As I was reading todays post this line struck me....

we are convincing ourselves of our own “busyness” because we lack clarity of focus and priorities

Ouch! Guilty as charged. I'm always busy, always doing something, but on too many days it seems like I get nothing accomplished.

I have become fairly proficient at multitasking, doing several things at once. The problem is it always seems to take so much longer to finish things. Point in case all my On the Desk posts that list all the in progress/UFO's. I have several projects still not finished or even made progress on. I like to look at these as things to do when the muse flees but when taking a hard look at my productivity they sure seem to make me feel guilty. ack! I hope this isn't becoming a recurring theme.... I seem to recall another post about feeling guilty over the number of my UFO's recently - in June I think.

Maybe it's time to review my routine and make a few adjustments, instead of a large block of time for jewelry making I can break that into two smaller blocks of time. One for UFO's and the other for design/create. Maybe I can add writing to my daily list, whether it's a thought, a description, or a blog post doesn't matter so long as it's a daily process - could help avoid those oops it's Friday and I didn't post this week moments!! shhh I know it's Friday, I've been BUSY!

On a personal note, the kids go back to school in just a few days. Boy, It's going to be quiet around here.

Maybe it is a recurring theme after all. I review my routine when they get out of school and again when they go back....... hmmmm

Thanks for stopping by, see ya next time!

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