Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Garnets and Orchids

I had in mind for this blog post something along the lines of resolutions for the coming year, you know try some new moves, try some new foods, drink more tea, shop more Etsy. But I already told you how I planned to use my sketches so a resolution post seems kind of redundant.

I don’t have anything On the Desk at the moment as I’ve been cleaning up the studio/office while I wait for my cabinets to get painted. Alex promised to paint a pair of cabinets we have sitting in the basement for me as part of my Christmas present! I saw a pin on Pinterest awhile back that had this wonderful work area of cabinetry and shelving and I’m going to put together a similar system using what I have - 2 x 12’s and cinder blocks for shelving plus the cabinets. The hubs doesn’t like my idea, I say he can fine tune later, I need something NOW.

For Christmas, I bought my hubs some tools he had been wanting but for some reason or other wouldn’t buy, which seemed to give him the to ok to buy some more tools he needed but never bought. As a result, I’m finally getting my pantry!! YEA!! I am sooo looking forward to that!

So have I done ANYTHING at all jewelry related? Sure I have. I’ve created a new banner for my FB page and rebel mouse. And I’ve been playing with color in a couple treasuries.

Pantone’s color of the year is Radiant Orchid, so I pulled together a few shades of orchid.

and January’s birthstone is Garnet. So I pulled together a treasury filled with Garnet reds.

I really enjoyed the birthstone treasury and am considering making it a regular thing - I could play on that theme a little on FB too. I do need to utilize the page a little differently than I have been. With all the changes being made, I’m down to a handful of views per post. I’m hearing crickets, and if that’s the new norm then the least I can do is try to orchestrate them and turn them into a symphony. Ok no more punnys, I just couldn’t resist {grins}

It’s sleeting again, so I’d better get out there and feed the horse before it gets icy. I’ve only just gotten healed up from the fall I took last ice storm. sigh…..
Since it seems appropriate here, I'll leave you with a couple Garnet pieces from my shop.

Thanks for stoppin’ by! Stay warm out there!!
See ya!

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