Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Hearts and Bead Soup

Playing with ideas and fire in the studio this morning.

This Friday is Valentine's Day, where hearts and flowers run amok. I've always tried to present the hubs with some hand made goodness from my heart and he usually brings me a rose bush. Summers have been brutal the last few years and have managed to kill most of my roses, it's heart breaking, so the hubs has taken to bringing me chocolate ones. It's sweet, more ways than one lol The last couple of years I've made for him tea stained coffee filter roses and turtles from a recipe I found on Pinterest that simply uses pecan halves and a Rolo, ingenious! He loves them!

This year Pinterest saw fit to send me an e-mail loaded with heart shaped goodies. Usually reserved for cookies and macaroons, this was just a little different. I flipped through a few of the boards recommended to me and found these awesome treasures. I can't click through to know who to attribute them to (feel free to reverse search them if you'd like to know) but I LOVE the idea behind them  - COOKIE CUTTERS! That's right! I have several sizes of heart cookie cutters and I will be breaking them out on Friday for a hearts run amok breakfast for the family.

Is this idea not simply awesome? We gotta eat anyway :) Why not make the ordinary extra special?! French Toast, Fried Potatoes, and eggs, I need to get some strawberries, but I also have apples on hand.  I could even cookie cutter ham with this idea

Bead Soup sign ups were this last weekend. I stayed up late to catch the midnight hour and be one of the first. I've been playing with ingredient ideas, even bought some beads thinking I might share some.......hahahahahaha MINE! Oh maybe I can share, I dunno yet.

On the Desk: I am actually working on those UFO's I didn't get around to before Christmas, go me! One is a sweet little heart necklace/choker a la Thea of Gossiping Goddess. I've had to stop and make more jump rings three times now lol But very worth it. Linky to the tutorial is in her name.....  

I should get going.... things to do things to do, always o_O

Thanks for stoppin' by!
We'll see you next time!

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