Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trees and Branches

It seems I've been on something of a tree and branch kick lately. Must be wishing for the cooler temps of Autumn and the colors it brings as I seem to have also been in something of an orange mood too. More of a pinky/coral orange than a pumpkin orange but still an orange.

pearl & coral necklace with copper cherry blossoms
FW Pearls, Peach Coral & Copper Necklace
Instead of a full on Tree of Life this time I opted for a branch of twisted copper cherry blossoms.
This one is something of a convertible, being wearable at different lengths. The vintage style hook closure allows for an 18 inch length when hooked at the first cap, a 22 inch length when hooked at the flower and a 25 inch length when hooked at the end of the extender. I love the soft colors of the coral I got from House of Gems and how sweet it looks combined with the FW pearls I picked up from Fire Mountain Gems recently during their Dutch auction sale. Perfect as we head into fall and will still be awfully sweet when he head into spring.

copper end cone cut lines


I took pics as I made this one thinking I might do something of a tutorial. Then I found this paper plate cookie basket tutorial by One Good Thing by Jillee and darn if it wasn't exactly what I did to make my end "cones" well minus the tape!

One Good Thing by Jillee
*I punched mine out of copper and ran them through the Big Kick to match the cherry blossom focal first.
*I used my flat nosed pliers for spacing and marked the back side with a sharpie so I knew where to cut to. 
*Punched a hole dead center then followed the fold and cut pattern to make the box. 
*Instead of cookies we have crimped bead ends on an eye pin inside a nice neat little open ended copper box that matches the focal, giving it a special one of a kind touch. 

Isn't it fun to think outside of the "box"?! These can be made to any size you need. I love taking techniques I learned from other crafts growing up and applying them to jewelry.  This will even work for a flower petal bead cap if you use a smaller circle or a larger bead. Just be sure to file those edges and corners, they can be a little sharp if you don't.

Thanks for stoppin by!
Feel free to post any "Out of the Box" techniques you use in the comments.
See ya next time!


  1. Wow, I love how you applied that cookie box tutorial to copper! It would be so cute to use as a pendant and make a planter box necklace full of flowers! Thanks for helping me think outside the box :)

    1. Oh what a fun idea! I'd love to see the planter box necklace if you make it!!
      Thank you!