Friday, January 27, 2012

What's on the Desk.......

.......Bead Soup is on the Desk!

So the beads arrived and like a kid I couldn't wait to get started! Courtney was so awesome and sent a couple different focals for me to play with and I immediately set up Pinterest boards to act as Mood boards or inspiration boards based on those focals. This is a fun process for me and I do it for pieces I consider special or have a high level of inspiration and don't want to get swept away by the flood of alternatives that pop up as I work. With inspiration boards I keep focussed and the alternatives get quick sketches for exploring later. For Alex's date's beaded corsage I had Stargazer Lily bouquets, scroll work, and baby's breath on the board. For Gimme the Peacock it was several angles and close ups of Peacock tails. The difference between those boards and the ones I'm putting together now were that I knew what I wanted to do and wanted reference points. These are visual word associations and wow!! I love what I'm pulling together, really love it! I don't yet have final designs worked up but I definitely have the general direction I want them to go.

Egyptian Scarab Board:

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Sand Dollar Board:

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Next step - pulling the beads together and then down to work with pencil and sketchpad :)
"Til next time!

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