Thursday, July 12, 2012

The beads, those wonderful little spices that make the soup soooo good!

I know I usually post on Tuesdays, I apologize for my delay. I had an uninvited guest in my bed the other night, a scorpion. The little harbinger of havoc stung me six or seven times before I could get back out of bed. Not a fun way to wake up. Being allergic to these types of things I had Benadryl on hand but that leaves me in a stupor for some time. I knew I had things I wanted or needed to do, just couldn't remember what those things were.

I loved this photo Jean had shared on her wall so much that I pulled out just about every bead I had that would work in that palette! I actually had to remind myself that Jean was supposed to create something not me!


Don't you just love the colors!!

Jean's spices are rich and full bodied themselves. Gorgeous focals, luscious gems, and beautiful colors - a feast for the eyes!

Just look at the flash on those Labradorite brios! And the sparkle in the Amethyst! Such gorgeousness! Both focals are floral in nature (pun intended!) and that bee clasp, so cool! I love them!
No surprise then that my inspiration board is titled GARDEN GATE. You can click on either the title or the soup to visit my board. My designs are sketched out and I'm just debating the size wire I want to use before I get started. I'm really looking forward to the way the designs play out in my hands and the reveal, both Jean's and mine!


  1. Wow--such lovely photos! I am so imoressed by the gorgeousness of your artistry in everything you do! xox jean

  2. Thank you Jean! :D You are so good for my soul!

  3. I hate to hear about the scorpion incident and am so gladnyou're better now. There seems to be a little bit of a color theme running through both of those soups! Both what you sent and what you received are really beautiful. I can't wait to see the end products!

  4. Thank you! I'm looking forward to it too! :D

  5. A wonderful post, Miss Dana! In spite of that nasty scorpion. Hope you're feeling better!!! xoxo

    1. Thank you Miss Mollie! I think this post practically wrote itself! Those pretty little sparklies did all the talking :)
      I'm doing much better! Just a couple little knots left on the top of my foot, and those are slowly disappearing too!