Saturday, September 15, 2012

Scorpions can Walk on Ceilings and other bits

That is what I learned this week. Impressive isn't it? You really should learn something new every day or week. I just never thought that was a little tidbit that would ever come in handy. I was in the bathroom when something caught my eye on the ceiling. Since I'm finished in the kitchen until hubs gets those trim pieces cut and he finally turned his attention to our bath ((YAY!!!!)) I've been doing a little taping on the ceiling and shadows stand out really well on an all white surface. There it was walking along on the ceiling! So I slithered very non cowardly along the wall - so as not to be directly under it should it suddenly lose it's grip and fall. Hey I've been stung on two separate occasions now, it hurts, keeping it away from my face is survival mode lol So I'm slithering and calling for the hubs to come rescue me. He of course doesn't believe me - On the ceiling? He grabs his boot. We have 10 ft ceilings, hubs is 6 ft and change, that's why we have 10 ft ceilings! and here he is with a boot. I laugh, I mean it really is a sight to see. All I can think is he's going to shake his boot at the scorpion and warn it!! Have I mentioned, we have 10 ft ceilings!

The hubs gets in the bathroom, I flip on another light so he can see it. With boot poised for the kill he says, "Huh, it's on the ceiling." Face-palm "I know!! Good luck with that boot thing mister." I'm safe now, standing on the bedroom side of the archway.

He grabs my ladder, picks up my drywall spatula and ascends with spatula in one hand and boot in the other, very menacing. Flicks the scorpion off the ceiling and throws his boot at it.

It's a miss.
But he's a scared scorpion.

Back down the ladder, picks up the boot and misses again.

I'm thinking this little guy is going to be really po'd and there will be no sleeping tonight. Hubs goes for a third try, smacks him dead and finishes the job. My hero!

Scorpions CAN Walk On Ceilings! I'm in such big trouble, I have to watch my feet outside for snakes and now my ceilings for scorpions. There are walls and trees and things that must not be walked into this could be a problem!

On the jewelry front I have managed to get those charm bracelets listed! I have a couple pairs of earrings to get listed and I've just wrapped a pretty little cabochon I received from John during the Christmas swap with a piece of Vintaj filigree. Working on a beaded brass chain for it as I type this - that is I have several inches made up and I'll get back to work on it this afternoon :) I can actually see parts of my desk again!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope I haven't scarred you with my scorpion tale :D
See ya next time!

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