Friday, October 5, 2012

Things You Should Never Discuss in Polite Company


I think there were others but these are the ones that stick with me and I've tried to live by that rule. What makes it worse is it really seems these days all three of those are so intertwined that you can't avoid one if you make the mistake of mentioning one of the others!

I've made the mistake of not following that rule twice this week. TWICE bash me in the head now! Seriously when people ask your opinion, they don't really want your opinion. They want an affirmation of THEIR opinion, it's human nature and I KNOW this and yet I still offer my opinion.

The question was Who Do You Think Won The Debate? Not who you wanted to, but actually won.
To win a debate one must sway anothers opinion to your side. So my answer was: No One Won.
Let the name calling begin. And folks, I do know what those big words mean.
Apparently what I actually thought wasn't an acceptable answer as it was not an affirmation of the other posters opinions. I will say I did make the mistake of bringing up Big Bird in my answer as part of my reasoning. Believe it or not that turned into a homophobic rant. I was stunned! A perpetual 3 yo puppet as the target of a rant of that nature. Really? Which one is NOT like the other?

Just one more month, all I have to do is hang in there one more month and hopefully all my friends and their friends will return to nice people again. I miss them and I really do not like all the hateful spew being bantered around as if it were acceptable behavior. It's not and my heart hurts for the awful things I'm seeing!

I'm seriously considering a break from the internet. I have my shop to take care of and that's enough online time for me. I can write my blog posts offline, as I'm doing now. Post when I pop on to check on my shop. My poor computer is getting tired anyway it could probably use the break as well.

Bless your hearts.
See you next time.


  1. I love politics because I care about the end results. I once even admitted to loving politics in my blog. I avoid discussing politics with people who want to use that as an excuse to belittle me; or people who can only parrot talking points. So, much as I love politics, I rarely discuss it, even with people who agree with me. I have become very adept at saying making non-committal statements and moving on when it is not a productive discussion based on my ability to persuade or what the other side of the discussion has to teach me. Good luck whatever path you decide to take.

    1. Thank you! The time spent off-line I think has been good for me. Ive been pretty productive for me lol
      I don't blame you for keeping to yourself, since we moved here I've learned to be careful about sharing my opinions. I didn't have to do that growing up and I guess it still surprises me when people aren't as accepting to other's thoughts as they were when I was younger. Of course I don't think I actually talked politics then either :)
      Thank you again, it means a lot that you took the time!

  2. Hello,

    You do not know me, but your blog is on my list of inspiring creators that I like to peruse from time to time. I'm not a huggy person, but wanted to offer you one for I as many others I'm sure, has been in your shoes. My political beliefs tend to be the opposite of most of my family members, in -laws included. My husband and I often cause discourse in certain conversations because of a comment one member made several years back in front of children. It was so offensive and close minded to me that I decided at that point I would not be silent in their precense just to keep the peace. Yes. They got angry.

    But they also heard another opinion spoken calmly, but passionately. One that could be backed up with more than.....well, if I said what I was going to that might be bad and I do not know if you preview your comments or not.

    Like you, I do not believe either person one the debate, though I was sorely dissapointed in it because I do think it gave some momentum to the candidate I am terrified to see win. If anything, I found the debate lacking in so many ways by all three people involved. Each in their own area, mind you. But what I find most disappointing about the political system is the acceptance of misleading comments and outright lies. Most Americans do not have the time, nor energy to do their own research and sort through the deception and the nonsense to get to the bottom of the rhetoric being spewed. Worse still, even if they do, the game of politics is such that in reality we are merely observers. Our country is set up in such a way that our actions are easily controlled, as are our opinions in so many cases, sadly.

    I do not like Fox news, but they have taken the reigns and ran in a way that I do not think those opposing their views ever will, out of politeness. (Bless The Daily Show and a few others in this arena.) "Those who speak the loudest are inevitably heard." People who disagree might turn a deaf ear. But children don't. Those easily pursueded don't. I hope that you will continue to share your thoughts with your friends even though it can be so demotivating and outright depressing at times. You never know the impact you might have, even if it seems like none in the moment.

    Over the last 20 years I have seen a slow, but apparent shift in the thinking of some family members. The most head strong and loudest among the most affected. Why? Because my words forced him to either accept he was blindly following what he had been taught to or to educate himself so that he could in turn think for himself. We do not always agree, but the difference is that we now converse instead of flinging words at the other..


  3. "one "...lmao. I should have proofread. Please toss a "won" up there and have a good chuckle at my early morning brainfart. A pet peeve of mine too. Good thing the old man is still fast asleep or I would never hear the end of that!

    Happy laughter!

    1. Thank you! For the smiles and the hugs! I think I needed them more than I realized!
      I've taken some time off line and I think it's been good for me. I've gotten quite a bit done around the house and the kids actually have to look for me when they get home :D
      I really appreciate your comments. I think it's important to speak up if it's important to you. I do have certain issues I feel strongly about and I will continue to support them. The rest can wait :)
      Thank you again it means a lot!