Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On the Desk......

Let me start by apologizing for no new pics. I'm still using Paige's laptop and I haven't uploaded my camera to it yet. I have several pieces I need to list so I'll be retaking photos sometime this week. I think I'll take a peek into my shop and see which pieces need a refresher while I'm at it too.

On the Desk is a little some thing special this week. Christmas! For those of us who hand craft our gifts the time to create is here! I have goodies to make for the forum swap and Christmas gifts, and........ Alex wants to make crosses for a couple friends this year. Usually he wants ME to make them, I've called him my best repeat customer many times :) But this year, he wants me to TEACH HIM how to make them! I'm so excited, I love sharing wire working with my kids!

I don't remember if I mentioned here that I had picked up some new toys when I ran to Hobby Lobby with Paige. I've been playing with those toys and having so much fun! I also broke out the saw and made up a small coil for sawn jump rings. can I just say WOW!! The difference in the rings is amazing, no recutting anything. It's just like the difference from regular cutters to flush cutters. Playing with new tools always make me so happy!

In the Garden this week.... now that the temps have fallen below 100 the tomato plant has finally decided to grow. After producing a whopping TWO tomatoes this year it is now covered in blooms and small fruit. I hope a few get big enough to pick before the frost gets them. Garden fresh veggies were missed around here this year. Between the record heat and the drought I'm lucky I even have a tomato plant and am looking forward to a harvest.

On the Home Front I'm beginning texturing in my bathroom! Walls should be ready for paint by this weekend! It would be ready now, but I forgot the ceiling had that awful fiberglass wrapped sheet rock Lowe's was selling for awhile. My poor face was itchy and swollen for a few days after sanding it. sigh

Parent/Teacher conferences were last night. Alex has nearly all A's, two B's. One last conference this spring and then no more. All my babies are grown up, it happens so fast! I swear they were all just in Kindergarten last year.

All in all, itchy face aside, it has been a great week! Thanks for letting me share with you and I hope your week - minus the itchy face - is just as good!

Thanks for stopping by!
See you next time!

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