Monday, February 25, 2013

A little inspiration can go a very long way.....

Wow! I don't think I've made so many pieces of jewelry this quickly in a long time. I'm actually running out of soup and I still have soup from BSBH #5! Actually I'm going to use some of that in the next day or so lol The problem is I still have a whole month to go before the reveal ..... the wait is going to be a long one!

While I was working away this last week, we had ourselves a little ice storm.


Looks like snow doesn't it? It started out as snow but it turned pretty quickly. Still, it makes some lacy still shots of the trees!


Look closely, you can see the icicles hanging from the branches. It was cold cold cold out there but oh so pretty and made for some very pretty back drops for some woodland jewelry too! But you'll have to wait for a whole month to see it!

The last focal piece is waiting to be finished - I have finalized my design plan for it, I think lol and I have decided to learn a new skill for this one. Good thing I have a whole month!! I also have plan B on the ready just in case, I really don't think I'm going to need it though. I'm pretty excited to get this going just as soon as my order arrives! I'll probably get started on it sooner than that, I just won't finish it until then.

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  1. Hi Dana, We have things in common! I also live in a Log Home, in the country, and today our trees look a lot alike, although, this morning we also had about 4-5inches of snow. It sounds as though things are coming together quickly for you, I'm so glad you are enjoying your soup! Really looking forward to seeing what you have created.

    1. This mornings storm brought us rain - the snow pretty much stayed north of the interstate this time.

      I love my house :) still have a bit to get finished but there's something really satisfying to knowing you are a part of it!

      My soup really sparked a fire storm of inspiration, the colors you sent are gorgeous! Makes me wonder why I haven't ever bought them myself!! Last count I had three pairs of earrings, three necklaces, two bracelets and a ring that my younger daughter has laid claim to.

      If you have just half the fun with yours as I have with mine I'll be thrilled. Knowing what you can do with glass I am really looking forward to seeing what you've done!