Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bead Soup #8 Meet my Partner Dana James

Dana - Celtic Goddess of
Manifestation Magic, Artistry, and Abundance

Bead Soup #8 - The Soup of Danas

Isn't that fun! I started my Hiya Partner e-mail off with Hi Dana! This is Dana!! We both work primarily with wire and beads though our styles differ somewhat, she does a lot more traditional wrapping where I play more with weaving and tiny filigree pieces.

I have taught my kids to bend wire and she teaches at ShipWreck beads. I'm a little envious there. Living in the middle of nowhere means my local bead store is Wal Mart or Hobby Lobby, so basically I shop online lol She not only gets to fondle beads in person but gets to fondle beads with others....who actually GET what I just said!! Fondling beads is no small thing!

Things don't stop there either. I just came home from California and she's headed there as I type this.

Neither of us seems to have an aversion to colors or beads so her soup will most likely be what seems to strike my fancy as I pull it together. I had been playing with soup ideas when My Grandma passed and all my beady stuff is exactly where I left it at that time so not too hard to see where I was going in terms of playtime. I have a few more ideas and only a week to solidify them so I need to get back to it pretty quickly. Having access to beady goodness like ShipWreck makes it a challenge of a sorts but I'm up for it!

Why not stop by Dana's blog and take a peek into her bead and wire goodness from last years Blog Party?! I'm sure she'd love to see you there!

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