Friday, March 20, 2015

B’Sue’s Build a Line Challenge Hop 3 of 3 The Reveal!

The day has finally come. I’ve worked on this line of mine for the past few months. Designing, sketching, refining and creating. I’ve enjoyed myself immensely and finally let go of others imposing philosophies and allowed myself to just play. Creating from the heart has always been what I do best and it was about time I got back to it.

I believe jewelry is meant to be loved, to be made with love,  given with love, and received with love. 
It is my honor and joy to present to you from my heart and hands Mucha’s Musings.  
  ~ A muse as you all know is the whisper in your ear full of joyful inspiration and Mucha’s Muse definitely had some things to say!

Without further ado,  Mucha’s Musings

the Mother Nature Collection:

mucha's musings:  mother nature collection, hand crafted jewelry by Wind Dancer Studios on Etsy
Mucha's Musings: Mother Nature Collection
This collection revolves around the bronzed bust of nature. 
It features a resined pendant of Nature herself with a sterling silver crown bezeling. ($45.oo)
Lever back earrings inspired by the pair she wears, available in three colors and two finishes, brass ox and silver ($19.oo ea).
A matching sterling silver crown ring ($19.oo), a brass open filigree ring with vintage faux pearl ($15.oo), and a brass filigreed band with rhinestone ($18.oo). 
Also in this collection a layered gemstone pendant in mixed metals ($55.oo), a gorgeous statement cuff featuring another vintage faux pearl ($55.oo)and stud earrings in a beautiful lacey filigree complimenting the cuff and rings($19.oo).

the Champagne Collection in Pink:

mucha's musings:  Pink Champagne collection, hand crafted jewelry by Wind Dancer Studios on Etsy
Mucha's Musings: Champagne Collection in Pink
This collection centers around the champagne ad for Moet & Chandon, pulling its soft colors and florals throughout. 
Featuring a resined pendant of the ad in mixed metals on a fine patterned ball chain.($45.oo)
Copper stacking rings with pink crystal accents ($35.oo).
Rose ox copper flower earrings with matching crystals. ($15.oo)
gorgeous layered brooch featuring a large vintage faux pearl and crystal pearl drop with a floral porcelain bead in pinks and browns. ($40.oo)
A pink cameo in brass ox with a sweet faux pearl drop. ($40.oo)
Two bracelets, one in silver plate layers featuring a gorgeous vintage faux pearl($39.oo), the other a layered stacker in a mix of glass, crystal and crystal pearls in shades of pink and cream with silver plated accents.($28.oo)
Finally a pair of long swingy earrings in silver plate featuring more of those beautiful pink crystals and pearls for loads of delicate sparkle ($29.oo).

the Champagne Collection in Brown:

mucha's musings: Champagne collection in Brown, hand crafted jewelry by Wind Dancer Studios on Etsy
Mucha's Musings:  Champagne Collection in Brown

While technically not Mucha I couldn't not be inspired by this champagne ad as well! Again pulling form and color from the ad this collection features the chocolate browns, diamonds and rounds, flourishes and florals.
The mixed metal cameo was given a softly aged artisan patina and features the same vintage faux pearl you've seen repeated in the other collections. ($40.oo)
A second layered pendant features a glass focal and drop. ($48.oo)
The stackable bracelet echoes the color of the glass and softens it with crystal pearls and copper accents. ($25.oo)
Two pair of earrings, one pair of big bold statement earrings in a beautiful rusty black finish that shows of the curves of the flourish beautifully. ($35.oo)
The second pair of earrings are a simple pair of Iris in the same gorgeous finish. ($15.oo)

the Chocolate Collection:

mucha's musings: Chocolate Collection, hand crafted jewelry by Wind Dancer Studios on Etsy
Mucha's Musings: the Chocolate Collection
This wonderful ad for Mexican Chocolates was the inspirational focus of this collection.
It features a mixed metal pendant that is a layered and resined copy of the ad itself. ($48.oo)
A layered bolo tie for him ($42.oo) and a long feather pendant for her ($38.oo) both in silver plate and on rich chocolate brown leather.
A second necklace in gorgeous jaspers dyed in the softest sea greens and turquoise, paired with leather, wood and copper, just gorgeous with that rusty black finish on the leaves. ($55.oo)
A pair of earrings in the perfect blend of sea green and turquoise chalcedony, all dressed up in brass ox. ($30.oo)
Finally a pair of ear vines in silver plate showing off blooms of vintage faux pearl and turquoise colored beads, hand wrapped and secured in place.($28.oo) Vines feature studs with stability discs and may be gently formed to your ear for a perfect fit. 
This collection is still whispering sweet nothings in my ear, don't be surprised if you see it expand in the future!

the Arts Collection; Music:

mucha's musings: the Arts Collection: Music, hand crafted jewelry by Wind Dancer Studios on Etsy
Mucha's Musings: The Arts Collection; Music

Based on the Four Arts series by Mucha, this collection focuses on Music. 
Featuring my favorite pendant of the line, a mixed metal layered beauty hung from a beautiful leather cording. ($55.oo)
A sweet heart  of a bangle in copper, completely stackable (25.oo)!
A pair of gorgeous filigree hoop earrings. ($24.oo)
A set of stacked copper rings ($35.oo).
And finally a hand forged clef note lapel pin in copper. ($24.oo)
Admittedly the smallest of my collections it too is still whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Music it seems would like me to recreate several of my sold pieces to round out the collection - so as with the Chocolate Collection do not be surprised if she gets her way! 

As I noted in hop number two all my collections were designed with mix and match in mind. The ability to mix and match with each other and with my existing inventory at Wind Dancer Studios. I'm thrilled to be able to introduce this line to my shop in the coming days. Please look for it soon!

Until then I've uploaded all the pics to my Flick'r if you'd like to see them individually.

Brenda has assembled 55 of us for this Challenge. She’s worked hard keeping us on track and on task. Reminding us of what is important and what is not so much. I could go on and on but this is a Hop and hop we must. I do thank you for stopping by and celebrating my new line with me! And I thank Brenda for pushing me back out of my comfort zone and reminding me what art is all about. Now, lets go see what the others have created. The past two hops have hinted at some wonderful lines and I can’t wait to see them myself!

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  1. Dana, this is a great collection! Your style is definitely recognizable and shows your artistic talent perfectly. I really like almost every piece though I am drawn to that brown collection for some reason. Even the pink is appealing to me and I never like pink things. Well done! Very well done!

    1. Thank you Lee! I usually like to work in jewel tones but the pinks have been calling me for the last year or so.

  2. Dana, you work is inspired, lovely, and gorgeous. And, I think you are so right. So many of these pieces can be worn together beautifully and elegantly. Nicely done! Bravo, my friend.

  3. Loved reading your post and your inspiration/story behind each collection. Gorgeous pieces and wonderful craftsmanship. I LOVE your brown collection!

    I also like how many pieces from different collections go well with each other.

    Great job Dana!

    1. Thank you Marcia! They're some of my favorites too! I've been loading some into the shop and it's amazing how it's changing the way my shop looks and feels. I'm loving it!

  4. This line is gorgeous. I have never before been tempted to even think about copying from someone's work. Your's is a temptation! Great job.

    1. That's a great compliment. To be an inspiration is a wonderful gift, thank you!

  5. Love this theme! Beautiful colors!

  6. Wow! I'm totally impressed. You pulled off a LOT in the last 3 months.

    1. Believe it or not, there were times where I felt like I was a total slacker. Thank you Lori!

  7. You've been very busy making beautiful jewelry. The champagne brown collection is my favorite.

    1. Thank you Tammy! I think it's fast becoming the crowd favorite too!

  8. I love love love your collage pictures, that's just brilliant! and grouping your collections around the colors/ specific Mucha inspirations. Also brilliant. And I can tell how much care and time you put into your lines.. great job!

    1. Thank you so much Kat! Considered making a video, collage won out!

  9. Love the vintage inspiration and the way you interpreted your inspiration. So great the way you used subtle colors. Such a privilege to work with you and the other artists during this challenge. Good luck to you.

    1. The feeling is absolutely mutual Maria! Thank you!!

  10. That is a big line or more a collection. Love the Clef Pin. Your explanation of each piece is great. Love all your great pics which really show off your line well,

    1. Thank you Cindy! I still have ideas floating too!

  11. Bautiful, lovelypieces. The Bracelet in the pink, layered Necklace in the brown, my favorites. But all are stunning.

  12. Beautiful photography, beautiful piece and a great line.

  13. Your line is stunning!!! The way you pulled it all together, explained your vision and created stunning pieces is inspired! Congratulations on a marvelous line!

  14. I love your inspiration. Your jewelry truly reflect the beauty of the ancient ladies. The collage display is a great idea to capture visitor's eyes.

  15. Beautiful jewelry. I love Alphonse Mucha's art so this was a real treat for me. Very versatile pieces that look so lovely together! Ingrid

  16. Nice work, Dana! I'd wear any and all of these, I love the look! Your idea of showing Mucha's art and how you interpreted it to create each set is brilliant. Wonderful blog post on a well researched and beautiful new line! I wish you much success with it!

    1. Thank you Renee! I feel the same way.... While it might hurt my feelings if none of it sold, the blow would be considerably softened knowing I get to keep it!!

  17. Well done, great style, easy to wear, easy to reproduce if you want to do that and a great theme, too. You went above and beyond what was required and have a complete collection based on a recognizable theme that would appeal to many. Thank you, Dana, for jumping into the fray and being such a great participant. You were present at the class page often and always had a comment that was encouraging, or a good question. I'm so happy to have had you in the class...and remember, we aren't done. The hop being so large will consume most of this coming week for us as we continue to view what the others have done....and there are still questions to bring up and answer. Once I say CLASS DISMISSED! some are going to opt to stay on as brainstormers and alumni of this first online class, which will always be so special to me as it's my first. It truly went beyond my expectations!

    1. I'll definitely stick around if you'll all have me :) Thank you so much Brenda! It's been a wonderful experience!

  18. Great BLOG and love your presentation .. your design is beautiful .. :-)

  19. What an amazing ly stunning collection of gorgeous jewels that anyone would be proud to own. I loveeeeeeee everything about it!

  20. WOW, Dana, your line is fantastic!! Love your presentation, and each item is just a wonderful design. Awesome job!! It was great to meet you and take this journey with you, Dana. Look forward to more from you.

    1. Thank you so much Marcia! This has been a wonderful experience!

  21. Great blog Dana! Your pictures looked like they were from an art catalog of jewelry! Beautiful lines of jewelry!

    1. Thank you Janet! That's really good to hear, I was considering printing them out!

  22. Dana, I love the groupings and how you coordinated each piece under the group theme. Your line is lovely!

  23. I'm in love with how you based your collections on the ads and then color lines with wonderful choices! Gorgeous photos and your jewelry is so very lovely. That heart stackable bracelet is fantastic! Way to rock the world! :):)

    1. Thank you so much Alexandra that means a lot to me!

  24. Dana - your lines are absolutely fabulous. There are so many pieces I would wear with pride. Well done.


  25. Incredible collection Dana. Your pieces interpret your inspiration so perfectly, what a pleasure to see it all and what an amazing job you've done.

  26. Well, beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, lovely . . . what else can I day?!! Your work is wonderful and I think you are going to be a big hit! Take it far and keep being creative!

  27. Dana I am a die heart fan of your amazing work!! I adore your collection! You are truly an amazing artist with an ulimated chemistry for creativity and that is awesome!!!! Your line is just awe inspiring and I am so honored to have experienced this journey with you!!! ~ Louise

    1. :) Louise, thank you so much! I think the best part of this challenge was meeting all of you. You can't help but do well when surrounded by that much artistry and creativity.

  28. Great line, with stunning pieces in each group.

  29. Wow, Dana, what a great line and collections! I love the way you based the collections on the ads and how they all go together so well. You really went above and beyond and inspired me to do more! Your prices are very reasonable and I'm sure they will sell well. Congratulations!

  30. I love how you drew inspiration from different pictures, fits perfectly. Your line is just gorgeous, well done!