Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Li'l Stevie Ray Vaughan For You Tax Day Prep

I had meant to have a post written up for today as tomorrow is tax day here in the US but I got side tracked. I hate to admit it but it does happen.

I am eyeball deep in numbers and forms and calculations today - the numbers aren't adding up the way I think they should be - and I really don't like it when that happens. My old software isn't supported by this computer and this software just won't tell me where it's all been spent at. I think I'm almost ready to go back to hand written journals!!! grrr

So, on that note.......

a little Stevie Ray Vaughn

Happy Tax Day! If you're taxed, smile, it means you have a job and most likely means you earn enough to put food on the table and a roof over your head. That's better than a large portion of the world. We like to complain, and sometimes it's nice to be reminded how good we really have it.

Til next time!
Thanks for stoppin by!

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