Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Wind Dancer Studios: Inspiration for Graduation Jewelry, #Inspiration
 My Inspiration  

Inspiration comes from many places. I've been talking a lot about inspiration lately I know, probably because my brain has shifted from make to plan mode.

It's been a bit of a whirlwind around here lately, what with awards receptions and end of school year everything. This coming weekend will be a really busy one for our household. My Daughter graduates college and starts a new job, my hubs has a birthday, and we have Mother's Day, boom boom boom just like that.

The kiddo and I are both planning on sewing new dresses for this weekend, which will of course require jewelry. I offered to make her some, but sadly the "trauma" of her high school graduation, and the inability to get off stage because the presenter was so smitten with the necklace I made for her, has made an indelible impression on her memory and she declined. She wants an easy on, thank you and easy off this go around.

I will just be making myself some pretties to wear and she can wear pearls.

So what does a paper bouquet, a spring meadow, polymer roses, a pretty wrapped gift and my daughters best Aladdin face have in common? They're my inspiration for the earrings I'm about to make. I think they're going to do triple duty for me, I'll have something really pretty to wear to the kiddos graduation, they'll do for my entry into the chandelier challenge B'Sues is having, and they'll also do nicely for the About Me entry for Year of Jewelry - see planning mode lol

Oh, you want to know how each is an inspiration? Sure! The paper bouquet inspires a cascade of flowers, the spring meadow brings gorgeous colors (my dress is gray) the polymer flowers are a free tutorial I found on Pinterest, the gift inspires the addition of pearls to the cascading flowers and the kiddo - she's the reason for it all.

Feel free o share your inspirations in the comments below, I'd like to know what inspires you?

See ya next week!

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