Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Of A Story on Nature as Inspiration or Telling the Story of Inspiration Naturally

MagPie Approved: WindDancerStudios, the view from my window
The view from my window.

I live on a dirt road at the top of a hill along the river valley in a clearing in the woods. I regularly have deer in my front yard, doves in the back and I hold near daily conversations with hawks and other birds. It should come as no surprise that I find inspiration in nature. The colors, the shapes, the utterly calming ground it provides.

I have two pages here on the blog, one for my writings and the other showcases my Rebel Mouse account. If you ever wonder about what I’m finding and posting out and about on the web just click there. You can even subscribe and receive what I’m up to in your inbox. I might only blog once a week, or post to Instagram sporadically but it all ends up there on a daily.  It’s always kind of surprising to me when I get my rebel mail, while I'm finding and posting I don't think anything has much of anything in common, but seeing them together in the email  I can see the repeating forms, the themes and similarities.

I had thought for all the “planning" and posting and pinning I do, I am not nearly cohesive enough. But as I looked over the page I realized I tend to run in themes all the time, even more so when I’m not thinking about it! Here I had a slow day just two posts both on Pinterest, one a Design Seeds color palette, and the other a pair of earrings I was sharing and without meaning to I had a nature theme going. Then it dawns on me, I have so many nature themed pieces in my shop, including several pieces on my desk right now, and a ton of inspirational photos and color palettes that without any effort at all I had this beautiful story to tell. I’d been telling it all along and didn’t even know it!

I think we might all be just a little guilty of this. We love certain things, and they tend to show in what we do in various ways. But because they are so second nature to us, we fail to recognize them as part of our story. I do love it when things become serendipitous, last week I said I planned on telling my stories again and this week my eyes open to the stories that have been there all along. What a fun beginning to this reawakening of me. After all, that is the story isn’t it? How what I love finds its way into what I love doing and being able to share it all with you. Happiness

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We’ll see you next time!…….. I always say we, but it’s just me lol…. oh and you! That makes a we doesn’t it?  :)


  1. So very true and as you said, I think we are all that habit. Its how I finally came to name my jewelry business. Its what I love, where I love, where I sorta-ish live and my style in the end. Lovely blog my friend, I am always happy to have stopped by and visited you :) xXx

    1. I did the same for my shop name :) When I started out on ArtFire I was Gifts From the Heart for obvious reasons but as I was making the move to Etsy it became clear that Wind Dancer was my shops real name. I finally (yrs later) switched over my Twitter acct. so everything matches again.