Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Art of Story Telling

MagPie Approved: Wind Dancer on the Art of StoryTellingnce upon a time, the art of storytelling was more than just words.

It was as much about the presentation of those words and when used the accompanying illustrations. Books, or the written word were beautiful works of art.

Marketing ..... is storytelling. It is about weaving the tale of you, your product, your brand.

We  (read I ) get so wrapped up in all the "newest" details of how to go about being found, being seen, being relevant, that we (again read I) forget the story as a whole.

When I first decided to offer up what I made for sale, it was to make money to buy more supplies to play with, creating a self supporting hobby. Writing descriptions was fun. I got to talk about what I was doing, or had done to create the little piece of art I was offering up for sale. I wrote about the inspiration and the process, just as if you were standing there. 

But then something happened, people started buying. Oh, I like this! You like what I make, I like making, lets do this again! 

Now, I was a business major in college, and I knew what to do in the real world, but the digital world was another story altogether. Or so I thought it was. I started blogging, that was where I was supposed to tell my story ( welcome to my 200th blog post btw!! ) and I started paying attention to all those gurus who knew what to do and how to do it. Never mind most were just rehashing what I already knew, this was the digital world.  

I stopped telling the story of my inspiration, of my process in an effort to be succinct for mobile devices. I stopped sharing what I loved with you. I still told the stories here, that's what the blog is for right? But today I was reminded the Art of storytelling isn't just about the scattered pieces, it's about the whole picture.

Marica and I hang out in several of the same FB groups, we were both participants in the Build a Line Challenge and I always admire the way she shares what she does within the groups. Today she shared her latest and it finally clicked what it was that I loved so much, aside from her obvious talent. It's the way she paints the entire picture. How she weaves her story of not just the piece itself, but her inspiration, her process and her joy in all of it.

MagPie Approved: Wind Dancer shares Salvinas Treasures, a Krakens tale
The Kraken and the rest of his gripping story can be found in Marica's shop HERE
In the comments the fate of the ship and crew are discussed, in the listing she shares the process of the Krakens becoming. It's all very inviting to come see more, to be a part of the story as it's woven, and to own the Kraken as a part of your own story. Wouldn't it be kind of awesome to wear to a big screen viewing of the newest Pirates release? Too scary for Capt'n Jack? nah bring it!! 
Rather a tenacious telling of the tale, ( or maybe a wee bit punny) but displays perfectly the story as a whole and how it all intertwines. A little something we could all stand to pirate away to our own treasure chests of story telling.

He reminds us ( read ME ) to cling as tightly to our truths in creating the whole story just as tightly as he clings to the anchor. I think I'll bring the stories back, my truths, my inspiration, my process, and my joy. Because that's what you're really buying when you buy from an artist. The inspiration, the process, the joy.

Thanks for stoppin'by!
We'll see you next time!


  1. Oh wow! Thanks for featuring my latest creation Dana. I so enjoyed reading your post :-)

    You're right. Storytelling is very important in marketing. And it really isn't that hard. We just need to remember the exact thoughts, feelings and emotions that we experienced while making a piece. I make an effort to write my descriptions at least within a day or two of me making the piece - don't always manage but if I leave it for longer I tend to forget or leave out important aspects of the "story".

    A BIG congratulations on your 200th blog post. That's no mean feat! Keep up the good work - both here and in your wonderful creations :-)

    Marica xx

    The Kraken told me to tell you that he was rather pleased to be featured in your blog. He almost started doing a happy dance but he suddenly remembered that he has a badass image to maintain lol

    1. I'm so glad you both liked it!! We can't have him dancing too wildly though, all those tentacles....he might drop his anchor! lol

      Thank you so much Marica! and Kraken