Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Infinite Possibilities Week 4

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Day 19 Imagine how those you love will benefit from your success. This one is easy, the kids will have been set up in their own businesses and will be little successes in their own rights. The hubs can spend more time with the kids as they build their businesses. We all get some toes in the sand time.
Day 20 Meet your peers. Make a list of those who are where you wish to be, add your name to list. Sounds like my screensaver :) 10 days left and I was already doing so many of these on a daily basis. It’s nice to hear I’m heading in the right direction.
Day 21 Have a chat with someone who gets your dream and speak to them as if it’s already reality. Make it celebratory …. for each of you.
Day 22 List 20 things you love from the simple to the exotic if you love to do it, list it. Just a little reminder of the wonder that is in your life or could be. *I love puttering in the garden and around the yard with a butterfly perched on my shoulder. *Feeling the sun on my face and shoulders. *Snuggle time with the hubs. *That he brings me my coffee in the morning. *That 25 yrs together feels like no time at all.  *Listening to the birds sing, *watching the sun rise in the morning and *set in the evenings, *being awed by the immenseness that are the stars and *the curve of he world. *I love the satisfaction that only comes from doing it yourself and well.* I love being goofy with my kids *I love toes in the sand, waves at my feet, salt air in my face *I love listening to the chirpy purr of the Siamese and the instant deep I love you purrs of the other cats. *I love no matter how many times you give the dog a biscuit he ALWAYS takes it and puts in in the kiddos shoe before he eats it….. no matter where that shoe is lol *I love that we built this house together to live our lives in and we’re creating memories on a daily. *
Day 23 List 10 things you are deeply grateful for.
Day 24 Write a letter to yourself from an admirer, what wonderful qualities/inspiration/talents do you have? Shower yourself with love and appreciation. I see the potential for a revamp of my about page here. Like several of these activities I think I’ll work this one privately. I think this one has a great amount of potential.
Day 25 set your intention for the day. I already do this daily. I have a little pop up reminder that is set to run when I’m reading my e-mail. It says what do you want today? Some days it’s to get something done, some days it’s to enjoy the quiet moments, some days it’s about attitude. It’s really a nice way to focus on the days priority, whatever it is. Today I’m going to schedule this blog post, download tax forms, and decide on this weeks YoJ piece. I have several UFO’s and a handful of ideas for refinishing some pieces. Sometimes the taking away process was ended too soon and sometimes the piece was finished too early, either way it was called finished but it niggles until you realize it isn’t truly finished, hence re-finishing. I believe all pieces have someone who will love them, and being properly finished helps that along :)

year of jewelry project week 4 Wind Dancer Studios matching bracelets for week 3

Speaking of Year of Jewelry:
This week I kept it simple with matching bracelets for last weeks necklace set. Red Creek Jasper with a Shell focal and brass. And a skinny bangle of twisted copper and brass.

Over on my Facebook page I’m sharing hearts and flowers everyday until Valentines. Giving you a virtual bouquet, pop on over anytime you feel you need a pick me up or a flower to make you smile. If you haven’t already. hit that like button and receive notifications to get those flowers on a daily!

See ya next time!

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