Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's Still January

Whew! It's Been a Busy Busy Holiday Weekend

Week 3 Year of Jewelry = Coral    I had coral pulled I really did, paired it up with turquoise for a really pretty necklace but then this Red Creek Jasper said it wanted to play pretty pretty please. Isn’t it just a gorgeous stone?! At first I was going to weave a bail for it but that just seemed too plain. I’ve been trying to clear off my desks and found some small pieces of brass that I set aside and I had one just the right size for a bail. I’m pretty pleased with the results, and I kind of want to keep this one for myself.

*Red Creek Jasper* *Picture Jasper* *Black Lip Shell* *Cedar Berries* *Amber Heart* *vintage brass roll chain* *hand crafted bail* *hand crafted rosary chain* *hand crafted vintage style hook and eye clasp* *hand twisted jumps* *roughly six hours in the making including design time and where did I put that/where did it go now time*

I finally managed to wrestle the checkbook away from the hubs and was up to my eyeballs in doing bookwork, balancing the checkbook and having anxiety attacks over deposits not being written in even though the amount was added to the balance so I get to find a $2000 discrepancy because 600 plus 800 is 1400 not 3500 and blah blah blah I think he cut a year or two off my lifespan with that one sigh 

In the midst of all that I see in my e-mail I have a notice…..

Stephanie Drapeau
mentioned you.

Stephanie Drapeau
Jan 18
Simply love these designs!❤️❤️ @MeiFaithStudio @DanasWindDancer@HeidiLee_Design @2LittlePs of @theartisangroup
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ah, just warms the heart! She likes them, just made my day - and then I found the missing deposit in the bank statement and all was right with the world once again.

We've headed into Week 3 of the  Infinite Possibilities Project 

Here's what we've been up to with that.

Day 12 Plan the celebration for achieving your goals - sadly when this one came in I was pretty mad at the hubs, A Party was not anywhere on the list. Maybe I can revisit that one in a day or so.
Day 13 Share the Love, today spend a couple minutes and Pay it Forward with a Random Act of Kindness - That I can do
Day 14 Create a daily planner and fill it with all the things you wish you’ll be doing. - My first thought was I’m an introvert, the only thing I want is to hide away on my hill and make pretties.l Then I looked a little deeper into my hearts desires and realized Jamaica isn’t on my hill. Vacations are a blessing and toes in the sand is really quite necessary to recharging batteries, and since I’m not angry with the hubs anymore he can come too =grins= 
Day 15  send thoughts of love in small and meaningful ways, even if you don’t say it out loud think it. I love how you’ve read this with me, thank you! I like this one too. It fits in with my goal of being kinder and replacing those negative words that have crept in. This works for me. HEY!! We’re half way through already!
Day 16 Almost missed this one, notes don’t come on the weekend and I kept watching the inbox for it. Was in bed before I realized It was Saturday! lol Technically I did miss it lol But you didn’t know that! Create a pleasing ritual…… hmmm I was thinking 15 minutes on the Stairmaster every morning just to get the blood pumping, but maybe a gentler start that won’t be so tempting to brush off on off days would work better for my purposes. I’m thinking a morning stretch, or maybe a little bit of yoga that can be done even before getting out of bed while still warm and cozy. This I like! I need to do a little research to find what I can do but it sounds like a really nice way to start the day. I can hit the Stairmaster after coffee, once my eyes are actually open and my feet are no longer stumbling.
Day 17 acknowledging your amazing self. Another nice one! We say and do good things all the time without acknowledging the good we do in the world. Take time to look over just the last 24 hrs and take note of the kindnesses and good things you have done. They do make a difference in the world and in doing them so do you!
Day 18 Going back to the calendar, pick a day and visualize everything wonderful going on. From the moment you wake up on…

This really has been a fun way to start the year and I'm looking forward to the next 12 days. It's been really intriguing how well it ties in with my goals for the year. If you've been following along I'd love to hear how well it's been matched to your goals too. Please let me know in the comments!

Valentine's Day is coming up, I think I'll post some hearts and flowers over on the FaceBook page for the next couple of weeks, show you all how much I appreciate you!

See you next week!

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